UMS Unified Messaging Systems

UMS Unified Messaging Systems based on Scrum as Software development methodology

Project Overview

The main components of the project: 

  • Administrator UI
  • Used to create and send alerts, channel/ messages/recipients configuration, system reports, TTS, etc.
  • Administrator back-end
  • Rest API, data persistence, Facade App communication, Jasper Reports.
  • Facade back-end
  • Used to communicate with external providers (Phone providers/Social networks/CAP), serves alert events, sends statistics back.


What Was Done

Methodology and instruments overview:

• Scrum as Software development methodology;

• Distributed Team (Belarus/Norway/India);

• Work on customer side;

• Tools: Jira, Confluence, Gerrit (code-review), Skype, Zoom, VPN;

• Good quality and customer satisfaction focus.

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