The app for the chain of restaurants

Modernizing the app for the chain of restaurants

Project Overview

The Team’s goal in this project was to introduce into an existing app additional functionality of a game, which would be used as kind of a contest. The winner of the contest would get a special code which would later could be used in the food chain restaurant as a coupon for free item.


The biggest challenge for us was introducing a well-functioning backend solution for that, create frontend layouts with animations and configure push notification service, which had to be stabil as the approximate user base consistent of nearly 100000 users (both Android and iOS).

As we had to work with a ready-made application, we used the existing technology stack of Ionic 1, Cordova, AngularJS

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What Was Done

As for the push notification service the customer chose to use PushWhoosh for handling the push notifications for both platforms. As for a tracking tool the customer decided to use Jira and Trello as they could easily apply to the chosen Agile methodology in the development of this product.


The functionality was successfully introduced and the customer returned back with another ideas for the application. These ideas were introduced by our team as well and the team also provided support on the appearing changes with GDPR T&C introduction and  new gaming abilities using the same technology stack.

At the moment the app is released in the App Store and Google Play and has more than 100000 downloads.

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