Software and hardware program for home and office automation

Software and hardware program for home and office automation

Project Overview

The Smart Home Management System is an open-source, modular, wired and affordable software and hardware platform for automating a home, building or district. 

The solution enables remote control of home appliances and engineering systems that allow the user to: check the temperature in the house, and turn on the heating or air conditioning, household appliances or security systems. As well as this, the application displays a detailed summary of the operation of the module (including the lighting, heating, climate control, ventilation, and security system) and keeps track of electricity, water, gas consumption and more. In addition, the user can set cost limits of necessary parameters.  

A complex intelligence solution helps to unite all of your home devices in one application so that the user can easily and conveniently use the “smart home” on a daily basis.

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What Was Done

Our specialists developed backend functionality (including transferring part of the system to the API) and frontend functionality for the web application, as well as testing and correcting bugs in the existing system.

In order to create a solution that will fully meet the customer’s requirements, we did the following:


Project team: 3 developers, 1 PM.
Technology: Python, Django, Django Rest Framework, PostgreSQL, Celery, Redis

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