Online Statistics and Reports Tool for a Finance Company

System optimization project that made possible to work with data in real time

Project Overview

A client has a huge database that is actively used by financial analysts. They constantly monitor stock exchanges and market statistics and need to have the latest information in real-time.
Our main goal was to optimize the website and database for rapid and efficient work. We transferred the system to AWS Cloud, configured the infrastructure, and set up CI/CD. Apart from that our team developed new features for visualizing statistics in real-time, added different kinds of filters, and created new pages with specialized analytics. The required reports can be downloaded from a website as branded pdf files. As a result, the system operation became 2 times faster and saved specialists’ working time.

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What Was Done

We optimized the solution to work faster with the database, getting the right queries from the server. We also created new options for displaying statistical information in graphical form (tables, graphs) in real-time using web sockets. Then we developed filtering of information depending on the request and created the ability to generate reports in pdf and updated their design for download. 

Also, our team ported the finished solution to Amazon and set up a CI/CD to deploy the application. 

Technologies and tools: Python 3.x, Django, DRF, AWS, Microsoft SQL Server, WebSockets, Django Channels.

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