MR Assistant for Trauma Surgery

VOKA — MR Assistant for Trauma Surgery

Project Overview

VOKA is the first hardware-software solution that allows surgeons see the damaged bone tissues “inside” the patient.

The ability to “see” the damaged bone tissues inside the patient allows:

  • To decrease the traumatic nature of the operation significantly (accurate implementation of surgical access just above the fracture, the possibility of avoiding wide incisions and excessive preparation of tissues)
  • To decrease the number of X-ray images needed for targeting the injury zone and accurate assessment of the implants disposition (sometimes the number of X-rays needed for a surgery exceeds 300)
  • To mitigate surgical risks due to the visualization of vessels and nerves’ normotopia
  • To decrease the duration of surgery on the whole
  • To decrease the recovery time due to reducing damage to surrounding tissues


What Was Done

In cases of “simple” fractures, when there is no clear indication for making CT scan, the system can create a 3D model of a bone based on the bone samplers from the data bank and 2 X-ray images.

This 3D model cannot be a completely precise one of the patient’s bone, but in a large number of cases it’s good enough to allow the surgeon to make a decision on treatment or referral to CT.

The system contains reference module which is a 3D anatomy “assistant surgeon”.

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