Mobile app to prepare contracts

A convenient solution that greatly facilitates and speeds up the process of document preparation


The client provides businesses with SaaS applications that assist in different business processes.


The German legal system is very complex, which leads to needing individual consultations with lawyers and accountants for each case. This results in a dramatic increase in the contract creation time.

The client came up with an idea of an application that would make the contract creation process faster, cheaper and more convenient.



Our developers have built a custom mobile application that had all necessary contract templates already preset. This also makes the contract creation process comfortable and versatile. To increase created documents’ accessibility, our team has developed a solution that allows storing created contracts, so users could use them later from any device (smartphone / PC) and share them with others involved in the contract (i.e., colleagues or contragents).


As a result, the client received a mobile application with prebuilt contract templates that allow quick and easy contract creation and sharing. Moreover, an intuitive user interface and clear template sorting make the application accessible to any user, even without any experience in the jurisdiction.

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