Marketplace for retailers to simplifies sales

With the solution, suppliers can reach both existing and potential retailers via one distribution channel

Project Overview

The customer is a “connection” between retailers and suppliers, helping them to simplify and increase the efficiency of the wholesale process.

The idea is to offer a marketplace where many individual retailers can gather and act as a group, thereby achieving economics of scale advantages that only the biggest retailers and chain stores can get today.


What Was Done

Suppliers can reach both existing and potential new retailers via one distribution channel. This simplifies sales to old customers, and the recruitment of new retailers.

The higher the total volume purchased via the portal, the better terms the retailers will be entitled to, enabling smaller retailers to achieve better terms and conditions than they can achieve on their own.

This “Together for better terms” principle means that the value of the customer for each user will increase with the number of users and purchases.

The customer will also offer end-user functionality, in which one can find information about products and retailers.

The company provided the following solutions:

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