Magento payment module for e-commerce

The payment module for e-commerce allows making payments through the payment gateways

Project Overview

The customer is a German company offering comprehensive, integrated online payment solutions for e-commerce.  One of its major clients is a European bank working in the field of trust accounts management, payments settlement and credit cards issuing.


The Contractor was involved in the development of a payment plug-in for Magento CMS allowing payments through the payment gateways. Drupal implementation was used as a reference.

The customer provided the development framework, including:

  • FTP access to test sever with the latest version of the client’s Magento shop pre-installed

  • Subversion repository for daily source code updates to be used with a SVN client

An installable Magento plug-in was delivered to the customer along with installation instructions. The Contractor’s developers implemented the following functionality:

  • Payment module for Magento

  • Redirect functionality to the third-party merchants

  • Payments and orders status tracking features


What Was Done

As a result of the cooperation the customer received the payment system, which is:

The developed application was delivered to the customer in a timely manner and integrated into the existing solutions. Here is what the end customers say about our work:

“This payment system is just really fast. Once I paid, the dealer gets a message and can send out my package.”

“Paying online? To me it used to be really complicated because you had to type in many numbers. I’ve even transferred money incorrectly, because I made a mistake. Thank God, now I know this payment method so that it cannot happen anymore.”

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