Cross-platform application for the labor market

Cross-platform application for the labor market

Project Overview

Our team’s aim was to build a cross-platform application for the labor market company which was to allow this company to reduce the operating costs of regional human resources offices all over the country. In order to optimize the candidate selection process we had to introduce the chats functionality and the functionality of a configurable chatbot. The above-mentioned functionality helped to collect data from the user for the further screening of the candidate helping him to find the best matching job vacancy.


The team also worked with the profile, settings, timeline and authorization sections of the application.

The biggest rally for the developers team was to integrate the chatbot functionality so that it would be easily configurable in the future and also it was very important to make sure that the app chat will work superb, with the fast-as-possible messaging so that users won’t have to wait long for the response.

The client specified the requirement to use the Microsoft Azure services for the backend part and fronted part to register the device and send push notifications with the help of it through Firebase service.


What Was Done

In order to enable deep linking if the user wants to share a vacancy we used the service for both platforms.

The chat functionality was enabled with the help Twilio service. The chats were managed both on the customer side and on the office employee side. The app was developed using Angular 4 framework and Ionic and has backend written in C#.

The base functionality of the app:

The system was successfully introduced and helps the organisations which are using this service to select only those candidates for the interview, who are matching their search criteria. The system works in one of the EU countries.

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