Corporate site

Corporate site for a non-profit organizations

Project Overview

The challenge for our Development Team was to add functionality to the existing corporate site.


The site is determined to educate, elevate and improve the outcomes for non-profit organizations, locally and abroad.


The Development Team had a challenge to:

  • Create back-end and front-end for booking timeslots. Users should be able to book a time slot to present their startup. By clicking one of the available timeslots user comes to this second part of the booking phase, where he/she fills the details.

  • An administrator should be able to add a date on which the startups can present themselves. For the administrator the same visualization as for the user doing the booking. The administrator should then see the details of the booking of that timeslot, instead of the “event details”. The administrator should be able to drag and drop a booking from one timeslot to another if they want to change for example the order of bookings for a specific evening.


What Was Done

We created two content types for timeslots:

After that view with template was created, which displays timeslot day content types for a particular user.

For drop-down function for administrator jQuery ui sortable library was used.

For intake content type task – needed content type was created.

For creating .docx document while saving – Drupal submitting form hook was used. It saves node content to file in privat upload folder.

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