City portal Mobile application

A cross-platform application with existing functioning backend and API

Project Overview

The development team had responsibility to create a cross-platform application with existing functioning backend and API.

The application introduces the user with places of interest of one certain city. One of the main goals was to make the app as flexible as possible to be used later for another cities applications.

The application’s specification was:

  • tutorial on first running of the app

  • start screen with video shown on the background

  • device’s location usage for businesses and events filter

  • depiction of the list of the events and businesses sorted and grouped by the start time (for example, 13.00 First event, Second event, 14.00 Third Event and so on)

  • upload of the photo for the Selfie of the week section

  • get directions ability for every event

  • searching for businesses and events

  • ability to like event and save it to the favourites

  • native video player usage

  • social media sharing


What Was Done

The customer has chosen React Native as a mobile technology to be used in the application development.

Native modules were used when writing calendar and date picker for the filter.

Google Maps were used for Get Directions functionality. The list of the events was customized according to the design from the RS.


The application is currently being released both in Google Play and App Store. Our team supports the project with the occuring CRs and defects fixing.

In case of some specific request, or technology not listed here, you can discuss it with an expert at or Skype Innowise

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