Backend and admin panel for a Mobile App

REST API and Mobile application admin panel for a company

Project Overview

The goal of the project was to implement REST API and admin panel for a mobile application for a company that sells wall paint. The Customer wanted a feature where user can take a picture of a wall, and the app returns the color-tone of the wall. Also, the Customer wanted the functionality where the user can configure fronts of buildings with different colors.

The project included the functionality: several types of content with various fields and сonnections with each other and endpoints for api.


What Was Done

The project was implemented by our developers completely from scratch. To meet the challenge and design an intelligent solution we put in place automatic updating and saving of data located in the system.

In addition, we have created the following functions:

There is an admin panel for administrator with CRUD functions for products and colours.
As a result of the project the Development Team of the company developed the backend and admin panel for a mobile application in accordance with the Customer’s requirements.

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