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Innowise Group ist ein internationales Unternehmen für den vollen Zyklus der Softwareentwicklung, welches 2007 gegründet wurde. Unser Team besteht aus mehr als 1400 IT-Experten, welche Software für mehrere Branchen und Domänen weltweit entwickeln.
Über uns
Innowise Group ist ein internationales Unternehmen für den vollen Zyklus der Softwareentwicklung, welches 2007 gegründet wurde. Unser Team besteht aus mehr als 1400 IT-Experten, welche Software für mehrere Branchen und Domänen weltweit entwickeln.

White label NFT marketplace solution

Innowise Group’s software engineers have utilized their broad experience in blockchain and NFT development to create a customized white label NFT marketplace solution. It allows businesses of various sizes and domains to swiftly deploy their own custom NFT platform and launch digital assets sales in the shortest time possible.

Ready-made NFT marketplace features

We have thoroughly analyzed the businesses’ needs and the latest trends in the digital sphere to bring the most valuable features to our white label NFT marketplace.

Primary sales

This feature allows you and your clients to mint NFT assets and sell them directly to their customers as well as put them on auctions.

Secondary sales

Users can re-sell previously bought non-fungible tokens to each other both for fixed price and via auctions.

Integration von Krypto-Wallets

Cryptocurrency wallet integration

The marketplace supports all major cryptocurrency wallets, including MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Alpha Wallet, etc.


Businesses can sell NFTs via auctions in just a couple of clicks. This allows users to show their interest in the asset by raising bids.

NFT export

Users can export their non-fungible tokens to their personal wallets and store them in any comfortable way.


Users can track data about their actions on the platform, view NFTs they own, latest activity, and specify their personal information.

NFT export

Innowise Group’s blockchain and NFT developers will also deliver any demanded feature to your custom marketplace if needed.

Do you need your NFT marketplace to be launched in the shortest possible time? See how our white label platform can bring this plan to life!

Fully customizable NFT platform: quick to launch, convenient to use

Our white label NFT marketplace solution stands out from competitors with its high deployment speed and great customization opportunities. Not only can brands customize the design to make it unique but they also can change the features of the product they use.

Easy administration

We provide clients with an admin panel for setting up and altering significant points of the NFT marketplace app. For instance, certain features like auctions or two-factor authentication can be turned on or off through this dashboard.

Custom development

If preset features are not sufficient, there’s a broad range of options for implementing fully custom pieces of functionality. Our white label NFT marketplace solution is modular and allows developers to alter any module at will with no difficulties.

UX-oriented design

The interface designs we develop aim at delivering the best possible user experience. Each pixel of your NFT marketplace website will be carefully tailored to have fancy looks, perform its functions and remain comprehensible. This will make your end-users love the marketplace.

Höchste Sicherheit

Innowise Group follows the world’s best practices in providing security to clients. Our scope of work is not limited to building GDPR-compliant solutions. We offer to implement the best tools for securely storing and processing user data.

Major benefits of our solution

Smooth modules configuration

Our NFT platform is not monolithic. It consists of an array of modules. You can mix them in any way to find the perfect balance between being feature-rich and cost-effective. The set of modules can be altered at any time.

Any payment provider

Innowise Group’s NFT marketplace supports integrating a wide range of payment services, both fiat, and crypto. Allow users to use their Metamask, Visa, MasterCard, and more for their convenience.

Smart-contract agnostic

Our solution doesn’t require custom smart contract development. If you already have a smart contract for NFT minting, you can simply connect it to our solution and improve your blockchain application with many features and great UI.

Why choose a white label NFT marketplace?

We have thoroughly analyzed the businesses’ needs and the latest trends in the digital sphere to bring the most valuable features to our white label NFT marketplace.

Rapid deployment

Deploy the NFT marketplace for your brand in no time, reach the new market faster, and get a substantial advantage over the competitors.

Customizable everything

Tailor everything from design to features and supported blockchain platforms to develop the perfect NFT marketplace.

Flexible subscription pricing

When you get the white label solution, you pick the desired features. After that, we come up with the subscription price based on what you’ve chosen.

Constant updates and support

Innowise Group supports clients on every stage of building the NFT marketplace, from picking the right features to deploying the marketplace to the web.

Professional developers

If you need any custom feature, Innowise Group’s top-tier software engineers will bring it to life on demand in the shortest time possible.

How we launch an NFT marketplace for your business

When we receive an inquiry about a white label NFT marketplace development, we assist the client on choosing the right set of features for the project. If the demanded functionality is not present in the pre-built solution, we offer our software development services to build these custom features.

The list of used features can be expanded or narrowed at any time. Our clients can modify the functionality of their custom NFT marketplaces as rapidly as possible with minimal up to zero losses.

This feature allows us to tailor our solution to a particular client’s needs.

You contact Innowise Group and schedule a call with our specialists. During it, we present our white label NFT marketplace solution.
Pick what you need
You decide on which modules and functionality to pick.
03 (optional)
Innowise Group’s software engineers develop the unique features for your NFT marketplace if they’re not present in the current product.
We agree on the subscription price according to the modules and features list you’ve picked.
We deploy a customized NFT marketplace and launch your project.
06 (optional)
We deploy a customized NFT marketplace and launch your project.
Innowise Group provides your project with constant updates on existing and new features.

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Let us describe the unique benefits you will gain from our white label solution. Request a demo

White label NFT marketplace cost: pay for what you use

Innowise Group’s team believes that our clients should spend their resources exclusively on what really matters to them.

From this philosophy, we will never charge our clients for the features they don’t need right now and might never need in the future.

To make this happen, we’ve used the modular architecture of our solution. This means that the NFT marketplace itself is not a solid application. It consists of an array of modules that can be integrated into your project or disconnected from it at any time with minimal effort.

This feature allows us to stick to the flexible pricing subscription system. When we launch the project, you pick the list of modules and features you want to implement into it. The subscription price comes based on this list. Afterward, you can alter the list of used modules in any way that affects the subscription price positively or negatively.

Cost of white label NFT marketplace

Tech stack we used for NFT platform development

The white label NFT platform we have developed is based on our broad expertise in the field. Our software engineers have picked the technologies and tools that allow us to supply your business with the solution that is lightweight, rapid in deployment, and easy to operate and modify.

Front end

React, Typescript

Back end

NodeJS, NestJS

Plattformen zur Speicherung

MongoDB, PostgreSQL, IPFS, Filecoin, Apache, CouchDB


Ethereum, Binance, Tezos, Cardano, Solana, Polkadot, Polygon, EOS, TRON, Harmony, Avalanche


ERC-721, ERC-1155, BEP-20, FA2, TRC-721


When you inquire for a white label NFT marketplace, we provide you with a pre-developed solution that we tailor to serve your needs. This often works better than developing a similar solution from scratch because the white label option provides you the same functionality at lower cost and shorter deployment time if compared to full-pledged development.

There’s no right answer to this question because most of the NFT marketplaces are either theme-based or collaborate with particular communities. The most popular ones are OpenSea, Rarible, NBA Top Shot, Binance, and Nifty Gateway.

You can build your own NFT marketplace by either requesting a white label solution or developing the platform from scratch. If you request a white label NFT platform, you get a feature-rich, functional NFT marketplace solution that can be rapidly deployed and modified at any time with minimal efforts. In case of custom development, you might face such problems as long development period and complications while altering the platform’s functionality.

The deployment time may vary depending on whether you inquire for a white label NFT marketplace platform or custom solution development. In the case with a white label product, everything can be launched in a couple of clicks. Custom development may take months till the first release, though.



The overall cost of launching an NFT platform depends on the array of variables, including whether the solution is delivered by the white label or custom development model, required features, and time. In general, for rapid deployment the white label solution is a better choice because it provides a business with a feature-rich pre-developed customized platform that can be swiftly deployed and modified at any time.

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