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  • Weblösungen

    The Innowise Group company creates up to date web solutions for various business areas. With our extensive experience we have successfully delivered more 200 projects since 2007. With a team of expert developers, we have provided our web design and development services to develop the customized and user-friendly solutions - the projects are implemented for PC, tablets and mobile. Our developers have implemented custom applications as E-learning, multilingual and multi-currency supported E-Commerce websites, Community Networking, Content Management System (CMS) and Blog sites with unique features and functionalities.

    online shopping

    Online shopping

    Standard solution for jewelry online shop

    The challenge for our Development Team was to develop the online responsive website, e-commerce platform that sells diamonds, wedding/engagement rings and jewelry.


    Fashion & art

    Standard solution for fashion designer

    We have developed the online store for the famous fashion designer. The main opportunities of the website are: full functionality of online store, integration with Ubercart, an electronic basket, etc.



    Standard solution for start-up

    HomeAsMall project is the website-business card for implementation of purchases in virtual reality. We have created the website with unique design, animation effects, feedback form, etc.

    screen of sport website


    Standard solution for sport sphere

    The project is the site for the company that provides statistical data and analytical solutions for football leagues, clubs and players around the world. Players, coaches and fans can analyze any player’s performance without leaving home/office.



    Standard solution for farming sector

    Our experts have developed the unique landing page with attractive design and infographics, simple and convenient form of feedback, multilingualism, form for the order of blueberry.



    Standard solution for dental clinic

    We developed the website for dental clinic in Germany. The website has simple structure, design in soft tones and necessary functionality.

    music solution


    Standard solution for music studio

    The team of developers and designers created the unique landing page for musical studio in Germany.

    belarusian methological creatures

    Corporate site

    Standard solution for Belarusian mythology

    The challenge for our Development Team was to develop the online responsive website, e-commerce platform that sells diamonds, wedding/engagement rings and jewelry.



    Standard solution for lottery site

    The challenge for our Development Team was to create a site where visitors can participate in a lottery and win prizes every day. In the process of project implementation we used standard Drupal modules, respected Drupal coding standards.



    Standard solution for incurance company

    The challenge for our Development Team was to implement bug fix and make upgrade of the website for the company providing insurance products and services. The work on the project also included addition and setting of new products.



    Standard solution for hotel

    The goal of the project was to build a responsive website for a beach resort and a hotel in the Caribbean region. The main purpose of the website was to demonstrate and describe the apartments and corresponding services. The access to the website is possible only with a promo code.



    Standard solution for auto dealer

    The Customer is a well-known auto dealer. The goal of the project was         to implement an upload of the data to Excel and Powerpoint (for a certain period): questionnaire details with diagrams templates, which could be changed and inserted into presentation. 



    Standard solution for building company

    The goal of the project was to implement REST API and admin panel for a mobile application for a company that sells wall paint. The project included the functionality: several types of content with various fields and connections with each other and endpoints for api.



    Standard solution for labor market

    Our team’s aim was to build a cross-platform application for the labor market company which was to allow this company to reduce the operating costs of regional human resources offices all over the country.


    Storage & Logistics

    Standard solution for storage company

    The challenge for our Development Team was to redevelop a website for a company based in Europe that provides a storage solutions. On the site users can book a storage for their things when they move or want to declutter their homes.


    Animal care

    Solution for dog smart collars promotion

    The goal of the project was to redevelop a website for dog smart collars promotion and integrate it with an already existing Shopify web store. The design of the new website was provided by the customer.


    The Innowise Group company creates up to date web solutions for clients worldwide. Professionally designed website allows to carry out the majority of the main objectives facing your company. Our team has sufficient experience and serious resources to offer our customers a number of professional web services.

    We offer a wide range of services:

    Creation of websites of any complexity

    We carry out the analysis of your sphere of business and on the basis of the revealed requirements our team creates the most effective websites. Depending on the objectives on creation of the website and its type we make planning of regularity of updating of contents of the website and implement the structure of sections with information and stylistic direction.

    Control system of the website (CMS)

    We create the websites on modern and clear control system: one can edit, add any materials, transform the website easily and quickly. The control system of the website (CMS) represents simple and intuitively clear management module of the main components of the website: texts, files, production, structure etc.

    Support of the website

    Technical and information condition is the important factor of effectiveness of your website. Support and maintenance of the website includes: update of information on the website, monitoring and maintenance of high efficiency of the website, identification of necessary improvements and completions.

    Development of web-design

    Our designers analyze the customers wishes and requirements and on the basis of these create the unique design. A combination of modern style and effective functionality - the main requirement of high-quality web-design.

    Redesign and modernization of websites

    Constant orientation to the changing needs of users is a guarantee of effective functioning of the website. Our team will carry out redesign and modernization of your website. Terms, cost and list of works depend on the current state of the existing website.


    Before handing over the website to the customer, our team carefully checks it regarding mistakes and defects, and makes corrections. QA specialists of Innowise Group can be involved during any project phase – from proof-of-concept testing to load/performance testing.

    We will be glad to become a small part of success of your business!

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