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VOKA is a hardware-software solution that allows surgeons to see damaged bone tissues “inside” the patient.


Platforme Core

MS Hololens


The system is used during the diagnosis procedure, treatment/operation planning, and could be used during the operation itself.

Implementation effect and using in clinical practice

Significantly reduces surgical injuries

Increases safety of the operation

Shortens rehabilitation downtime

Decreases number of X-rays

Reduces overall surgery duration

Conceptual Architecture & Technologies

Mobile Application

Tool for prompt informing of doctor Option to take high-quality photos.

React Native

Hololens Application

Using MS Hololens a doctor works with 3D models and is able to see bones "inside” the patient


Web Application

Additional features for working with three-dimensional objects React JS

React JS

Administration panel of the system

System settings, user administration, access rights assignment, application update, tools for integration with IT infrastructure of medical facility

React JS

Manipulation of the models
via special gestures and movements

Bounding Box Mode

Two Points Mode

Semi-Automatic Mode (ANNs)

3D Marker Mode

Voice Command

Multi-user mode for suggeons in one room

It allows two or more surgeons located in the same physical room to work with the same model in online mode. Surgeons see the model at the same time in the same position and point of space they are in. This mode is convenient to use immediately in the patient ward, when two doctors examine the patient and discuss a treatment plan. Model can be controlled both by a single surgeon and a number of them. There’s also a possibility to exercise simultaneous control of the scene or the model.l.

Multi-user mode for surgeons in different location



It allows two or more surgeons, located in different places, to work with the same model in online mode. The capabilities and interface of the system allow real-time discussion of the treatment plan. In this case, surgeons are able to see where their colleagues look - this makes it possible to discuss the same elements of a 3D bone model (i.e., be sure that they speak about the same elements of the bone).


VOKA Practical Usage


Stage 1.
Patient undergoes X-Ray

2 X-rays are uploaded to the system.

After the patient is admitted to a health care facility, X-rays, CT or MRI of the injured body part are done.


Stage 2.
Preliminary bone reconstruction

Manual traction, external fixation


Stage 3.
Сomputed tomography

The system transfers a data array in DICOM format


Stage 4.
The 3D model of a bone is loaded into the HoloLens app

Trial runs of diagnostics technology and efficiency of use at the planning stage of the operation is carried out at the premises of Laboratory of Traumatology of the Belarusian Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Traumatology and Orthopedics. The doctor “sees” the damages “inside” the patient.