Innowise Group ist ein internationales Unternehmen für den vollen Zyklus der Softwareentwicklung, welches 2007 gegründet wurde. Unser Team besteht aus mehr als 1000 IT-Experten, welche Software für mehrere Branchen und Domänen weltweit entwickeln.
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Innowise Group ist ein internationales Unternehmen für den vollen Zyklus der Softwareentwicklung, welches 2007 gegründet wurde. Unser Team besteht aus mehr als 1000 IT-Experten, welche Software für mehrere Branchen und Domänen weltweit entwickeln.
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Solana blockchain development company

Innowise Group is a top-tier Solana development services provider with more than 15 years of experience in software development. Over the course of our work, we have empowered businesses with an array of Solana-based dApps. Our use cases vary from wallets and NFT marketplaces to decentralized exchanges and P2P lending platforms.

Use Solana for your next blockchain product

What is Solana?

Solana is a blockchain platform operated by its native cryptocurrency SOL. It uses proof-of-stake and proof-of-history consensus mechanisms. Like many modern blockchain platforms, Solana can run smart contracts. This is possible thanks to the extended Berkeley Packet Filter which allows developers to use such programming languages as Rust, C, and C++.

Solana blockchain software development services

Innowise Group’s talented Solana developers create highly optimized feature-rich software products that serve businesses of various industries and scales. Our broad expertise covers everything from data ledgers for automotive companies to access distribution platforms for security services providers.

Solana blockchain development

Innowise Group will create a custom Solana-based solution according to your business needs in the shortest time possible. Our blockchain solutions show high operating speed, great scalability, and top security.

Solana blockchain audit & support

We will assist you during the audit process to make sure that every line of code is checked precisely. Furthermore, our developers will instantly put the auditor’s feedback to work. This will help your business achieve desired results as soon as possible.

Smart contract development & audit

Innowise Group’s Solana developers write custom smart contracts for particular business needs. To make sure our code is bug-free and provides swift operations, we support our clients during the audit process.

Solana NFT token & marketplace development

Our Solana development professionals will build any NFT-related product on Solana, from designing and minting a single non-fungible token to creating a unique NFT marketplace operated by custom smart contracts.

DApp development

Innowise Group will use the company’s extensive expertise in blockchain to deliver feature-rich decentralized applications with swift performance and impressive scalability.

DeFi solution & wallet development

We will build a DeFi solution that will fit any business demands just perfectly. It can be a highly secure wallet application or a whole decentralized finance platform that will give users the ability to store and utilize their digital assets.

Solana vs. Ethereum for blockchain development

Solana has been rapidly gaining popularity among both blockchain enthusiasts and businesses since it emerged. This is reasonable because compared to such well-known blockchain platforms as Ethereum, Solana has a lot of important benefits.

Native tokenSOLETH
Founded in20172013
ProgrammierspracheRust, C, C++Solidity
TPS (transactions per second)50,000 - 65,00013 - 15
Consensus mechanismProof of Stake, Proof of HistoryProof of Work
SkalierbarkeitEasily scalable at any volumesLimited

Advantages of Solana software development

Innowise Group is one of the leading Solana blockchain development companies. Thanks to our in-depth expertise in developing blockchain solutions, we suggest building Solana-based software products for the following reasons.



Solana can process over 65,000 transactions per second, while the Ethereum network processes only approximately 30 transactions per second at the moment. In addition, the Solana team promises to enlarge this number up to 700,000 transactions per second.


Low transaction fees

Solana has much lower transaction fees compared to most popular legacy blockchain networks like Ethereum or Bitcoin. For example, while minting an NFT on such blockchains might cost around $100, Solana’s fees stick at around $0.008.


Straightforward to program

Solana-based software solutions are written in C, C++, and Rust. This feature brings a much easier search for software engineers who will build applications for this blockchain platform. If compared to other blockchains, businesses usually save time while searching for Solana developers.


Issues-free mempool

Mempool is a separate section in a blockchain that stores all the unverified settlements. With such great transaction speed (around 400 ms), Solana is doubtful to face any sort of jams and an increase in transaction fees.

Looking for skilled Solana developers?

What are you waiting for?

Hire dedicated Solana developers

Innowise Group’s dedicated teams are the best choice for developing Solana-related projects.
First of all, our highly motivated team uses agile methodology to deliver the product in the shortest time possible. This allows us to empower businesses with sufficient advantages before competitors come into play.

Moreover, hiring a dedicated team is a cost-effective choice. If compared to in-house development crews, they are more dynamic and can be adjusted to any business situation. In the dedicated teams, analysts, consultants, developers, and testers join the project when needed and do not require compensation if their skills are unused for some period of time.

Why choose Innowise Group as Solana blockchain development company?

70+ expert Solana developers

Our Solana development team consists of 70+ highly experienced professionals which makes it easy to find a perfect specialist for your needs.

Solana-specific tech stack

Our team includes C, C++, and Rust developers. Each of them is a unique professional with a grade of middle or higher.

Deep domain-related knowledge

We use our extensive experience to build exclusively high-quality solutions. Whether it’s a wallet application or the whole DeFi platform, we’ll get you covered.

“Solana is a truly astonishing blockchain platform. High transaction speed, low fees, no jams, and many other features make it stand out of the crowd. Moreover, Solana’s consensus mechanisms allow its users to leave much less carbon footprint and create a much more sustainable community than traditional blockchains that use proof-of-work. If a business needs a swift, secure, and easily scalable blockchain solution, I strongly recommend considering Solana as a primary candidate for the project.”
Pavel Demeshkevich

The cost of Solana development

As a top-tier Solana development company, Innowise Group aims at maintaining the best services at a reasonable cost. We deliver both full-fledged Solana development services from scratch and provide our clients with the required specialists based on their project types and complexity.

Our dedicated development teams include:


The overall project cost is shaped by the team composition and size. It also depends on the project type, complexity, duration, collateral tools, and services, as well as other variables.

Still thinking?

Speak to our experts and learn how Solana can boost your business

Solana blockchain app development process

Our workflow might vary depending on which kind of Solana-based solution we build and at which scale. Yet, the key steps remain the following:

Strategy and solution design
Testen und QS
Support and customer service

Was unsere Kunden meinen

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Da unsere Zusammenarbeit erfolgreich ist, sind die Mitarbeiter von Innowise Group schon seit langem in unseren Projekten engagiert. Die Zuverlässigkeit und das große Fachwissen ihrer Frontend-, Backend- und QS-Ingenieure sind beeindruckend.

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George Fironov CEO Talmatic
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Innowise Group ist ein idealer Partner, wenn es um Zusammenarbeit mit dem Kunden geht. Das Unternehmen erfüllt stets unsere Anforderungen, indem es Entwickler bereitstellt, die den spezifischen Kundenanforderungen in Bezug auf Kommunikation und Erfahrung entsprechen.

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Polina Shuruba Partner Manager XPRT MINDS
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Innowise Group hat eine komplexe Anwendung in der erstaunlich kurzen Zeit von nur 3 Wochen entwickelt. Die Erfahrung ihrer Mitarbeiter und das Know-how in diesem Bereich macht sie zu einem wertvollen Partner.

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Johannes Schweifer CEO die CoreLedger AG

Top-tier Solana developers are looking forward to building your product

Solana blockchain app development FAQ

Solana is used as a platform for swift, scalable, and cost-effective blockchain projects.


Investing in the Solana Blockchain development opens a number of benefits, from low fees and cheaper deployment to much faster transactions and easier scalability.


Solana smart contracts are pieces of code written to be executed in the Solana blockchain. They’re built using Rust, C, and C++ programming languages.


Depending on the project size, budget, as well as additional features, the terms we deliver a ready-to-use NFT marketplace may vary. Please contact our experts and opt-in for a precise estimation of your project.


Benötigen Sie weitere Dienstleistungen?

Solidity development
We use the Solidity language to build and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum-based applications.
Our software engineers build highly secure interoperable solutions with Hyperledger.
Skyrocket your business development and profits with our top-notch blockchain services.
We leverage the power of blockchain technology to deliver state-of-the-art NFT solutions.
Entwicklung von intelligenten Verträgen
We provide all services related to a smart contract, from building architecture to deployment on the mainnet.
Audit und Beratung
Our experienced consultants will ensure the relevance and proper use of technologies in your project.

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