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Innowise Group ist ein internationales Unternehmen für den vollen Zyklus der Softwareentwicklung, welches 2007 gegründet wurde. Unser Team besteht aus mehr als 1400 IT-Experten, welche Software für mehrere Branchen und Domänen weltweit entwickeln.
Über uns
Innowise Group ist ein internationales Unternehmen für den vollen Zyklus der Softwareentwicklung, welches 2007 gegründet wurde. Unser Team besteht aus mehr als 1400 IT-Experten, welche Software für mehrere Branchen und Domänen weltweit entwickeln.

Ruby on Rails development company

Innowise Group is always focused on turning customers’ ideas into reality while creating or improving their existing web applications. Our Ruby on Rails development services are based on our extensive 15-year experience fulfilling the growing demands for various industries. Our highly-skilled RoR developers have a deep knowledge in the field which helps them create powerful web applications to stay competitive in the market and boost business performance.

While Ruby is on Rails, are you on the right track to go? Get help from trusted professionals

Ruby vs Ruby on Rails: what's the difference?

Ruby programming language was created in 1995 and was, at the time, an innovation that allowed for the efficient development of desktop applications. Based on that language, the Ruby on Rails layered framework was released ten years later. As a result, it became more flexible, allowing developers to add other languages such as HTML, CSS, JAVA, and XML to their scripts. As such, this update has given the green light to web development.

Today's successful companies prefer Ruby on Rails due to the improvements it has made in application development and user interface design.

DEX solutions

Our Ruby on Rails development services

Innowise Group has successfully delivered more than 600 RoR projects across different markets and services. Our engineers apply their experience in implementing highly effective patterns that bring accurate results and exceptional performance. Our RoR development company delivers innovative solutions that are easily scaled up if the business grows.

Ruby on Rails web development

Innowise Group provides top-tier web development services based on this framework for high-level web applications that cover all customers’ needs. Our top priority is to provide you with the best possible user experience within the shortest timeframe.

Ruby on Rails back-end development

If your project needs RoR back-end services, our specialists effectively handle this task. We provide full-fledged support for your web resource, create software architecture and business logic, and fully configure the back-end system.

Custom API development

Our team can implement innovative solutions, which are essential in modern marketing. We leverage a massive set of libraries that let you interact with different external services and platforms in your project.

Ruby on Rails consulting

We have Ruby on Rails consultants to answer all your questions related to the issue. We can draw and adjust your implementation plan from development to product deployment in a competitive timeframe.


Technical debt is something that becomes accumulated in most projects over time. Regular code auditing is essential to avoid spending too much time repaying that debt. Our team identifies and fixes issues to deliver optimized code to you.

Legacy software modernization

We also upgrade web applications to incorporate innovative technologies into already completed projects or legacy systems, offering customers a better level of functionality and optimized performance.

Wartung und Support

If you are our client, you can count on long-term cooperation. After our products are released, we take care of them and provide permanent support. That's why you can always be sure that your project will be well-served.

Dediziertes Entwicklungsteam

Customers can either hire our dedicated teams to start the project from scratch or assign several developers to empower the existing project. We solve the constant lack of expertise by providing qualified experts to our clients.

Ruby software solutions we deliver

With extensive expertise in developing flexible, powerful, and scalable web applications, the Innowise Group can help you take your business to the next level. We have the expertise and resources to create highly powerful web solutions that are both cost-effective and scalable.

Innowise Group provides its expertise in the area of building complex platforms for businesses to streamline workflows. The main applications we develop include HRM, CRM, ERP, accounting software, etc.
Benutzerdefinierte CMS-Entwicklung
For easier administration of your web application, we create user-friendly content management systems that optimize data storage and information exchange within an organization.
Ruby on Rails for MVP development architecture
Our team of experts develops minimum viable products to present all the core functionalities to stakeholders. Choosing Ruby on Rails facilitates project development and ensures feature-ready MVP for a fast market launch.
Ruby on Rails eCommerce websites
Our professionals have tremendous experience developing customized solutions for online and retail stores and other sales platforms. With their intuitive and functional design, they are a great way to attain and acquire customers.
Payment gateways
Our payment gateways are designed to meet all cybersecurity requirements and make it convenient to make digital payments. There are many payment platforms already integrated with RoR, which allows the development of solid solutions.
Social networking platforms
Ruby on Rails is a perfect tool for building interactive and user-friendly social networking platforms. RoR does not only provide immersive engagement, but it also makes it extremely secure to store user data without any risk of security breaches.

Don't know how to link an idea with a realization?

We create end-to-end solutions that can boost your business.

Benefits of outsourced Ruby on Rails development

Our business partners always expect minimal risks and professionalism in RoR development. We are dedicated to providing our clients with reliable and highly skilled developers who are capable of either building a product from scratch or enhancing one that already exists. Here are the key benefits of outsourcing Ruby on Rails to Innowise Group.


Einsparungen im Haushalt

Assembling a local Ruby on Rails team is unavoidably expensive. By approaching Innowise Group, you bypass many hurdles and avoid redundant expenses such as training fees, taxes, and software licenses.


Geringere Risiken

When you hire RoR developers, you avoid the risks of budget overruns and missed deadlines. Innowise Group provides solid risk management plans and has an array of risk mitigation measures.


Qualifizierte Fachleute

Innowise Group has experts with excellent development backgrounds, so you can rest assured that your project is in good hands. Our development team knows how to deliver bespoke solutions that drive business up high.

Technologie-Stack und Plattformen

  • Ruby Version Manager
  • Pry
  • Sinatra
  • RubyGems
  • PUMA
  • WEBrick
  • Komodo
  • Rumale
  • Unicorn
  • Shoes
  • Kendo
  • Wasmer
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLServer
  • Oracle
  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • MariaDB
  • Hive
  • ClickHouse
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform

Why choose Innowise Group as a Ruby on Rails company

Over the past fifteen years, our company has developed hundreds of innovative solutions that have been implemented in IT fields and non-IT sectors. Our RoR development services are in great demand among startups, SMEs, and large enterprises because we have an individual approach to each client, considering every project as our own. As part of our consulting services, we guide our clients on the best ways to implement cost-effective and competitive projects that are in line with the latest industry trends.

According to our statistics, 93% of our clients become regular clients, and we only cement their trust by providing unmatched service. With 1400+ employees on board, our company develops projects of any complexity from scratch, filling the expertise gap seamlessly.

DEX solutions

With Ruby on Rails, you can easily create full-featured web products within a short time. Ruby on Rails’ flexibility makes it easier to create customized solutions that follow market trends and contribute to clients’ business expansion.

Philip Tihonovich

Head of Ruby at Innowise Group

Cost of Ruby on Rails software development

The final project cost is generally determined by the complexity of the project and the hourly rates of specialists involved. Below is a list of factors that influence the final cost.

Komplexität des Projekts
Zusammensetzung des Teams
Developers’ skills

Hire RoR developers

We at Innowise Group launch solutions that accelerate business performance and produce high returns on investment. We equip our clients with cutting-edge solutions that allow them to outperform their competitors and become trendsetters in the field.

You can count on our top-tier outsourcing services for RoR solutions. Our customers can concentrate on their core business while our teams take care of the rest.

Is your business struggling to embrace digitalization?

Get in touch with us to learn more about Ruby on Rails and how it can eliminate boundaries.

Was unsere Kunden meinen


Da unsere Zusammenarbeit erfolgreich ist, sind die Mitarbeiter von Innowise Group schon seit langem in unseren Projekten engagiert. Die Zuverlässigkeit und das große Fachwissen ihrer Frontend-, Backend- und QS-Ingenieure sind beeindruckend.

George Fironov CEO Talmatic

Innowise Group ist ein idealer Partner, wenn es um Zusammenarbeit mit dem Kunden geht. Das Unternehmen erfüllt stets unsere Anforderungen, indem es Entwickler bereitstellt, die den spezifischen Kundenanforderungen in Bezug auf Kommunikation und Erfahrung entsprechen.

Polina Shuruba Partner Managerin XPRT MINDS

Innowise Group hat eine komplexe Anwendung in der erstaunlich kurzen Zeit von nur 3 Wochen entwickelt. Die Erfahrung ihrer Mitarbeiter und das Know-how in diesem Bereich macht sie zu einem wertvollen Partner.

Johannes Schweifer CEO CoreLedger AG

Ruby on Rails development: all your questions answered

Startups and large companies alike use this framework for its flexibility and efficiency in developing web applications and services. This includes applications like e-commerce websites, CMSs, and custom web applications.

According to multiple research, this framework is constantly in the top 5 solutions for web development. Also, RoR has powerful libraries, which help experienced developers integrate plugins into applications smoothly.

Although RoR is primarily used for web development, web services, and web applications, it is also possible to use it for developing mobile apps thanks to the variety of different libraries that RoR provides.


Benötigen Sie weitere Dienstleistungen?

Wir verfügen über einen großen Pool von Front-End-Entwicklern, die jede UI/UX-Lösungen.
Mobile Entwicklung
Wir entwickeln Apps für iOS und Android auf Grundlage globaler Trends und technologischer Fortschritte.
Unsere QS-Ingenieure nutzen automatisierte und manuelle Testverfahren, um eine hohe Produktqualität sicherzustellen.
Wir setzen bewährte DevOps-Praktiken ein, um den Entwicklungsprozess zu optimieren und die Veröffentlichung zu beschleunigen.
Wir entwickeln Cloud-basierte Apps, transferieren Client-Server-Software in die Cloud und verbessern Cloud-Anwendungen.
Entscheiden Sie sich für Personalverstärkung, um Ihr IT-Team zu vergrößern und den Projektablauf zu beschleunigen.

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