WooCommerce payment plugin

The task for the Development Team of the company was to develop a payment gateway plugin with Payconiq

Project Overview

The information about the direct customer cannot be disclosed due to the conditions of NDA between the Development Team and the Customer. The task for the Development Team of the company was to develop a payment gateway plugin with Payconiq. The plugin should resize images for WordPress and WooCommerce to make them all of identical size, so that the layout would look perfect in websites.

The requirements for the project were the following:

  • The plugin was intended for WooCommerce, so Payconiq shoud show up as a payment gateway;
  • The plugin should have a simple options page (either separate page or hook into the WooCommerce settings page as a new tab), where customers could fill in their API key they get from Payconiq;
  • Freemius should be integrated to handle the sales of the plugin;
  • All code and files should be premium so all code and files were protected. Only valid purchases via freemius should allow use to work with the plugin.


What Was Done

The Development Team created the plugin for Woocommerce, which adds the system Payconiq as one of possbile methods of payment. The plugin interacts with Payconiq API and creates endpoint on the client’s website as well for obtaining responses on transactions from Payconiq.

In the admin panel there is a simple page with settings of the plugin, where the client needs to enter the data obtained from Payconiq. Then, the user will be able to pay through this system on payment page.

If the user looks through the web version of the website, then he/she will notice the widget with a qr-code. The user may scan it through the Payconiq mobile application and make the payment that way. If the user looks through the website from the mobile device, then he/she has an opportunity to pay purchase at once.

All files of the plugin are protected by means of Freemius service which allows to adjust desirable distribution of the plugin. It may be a trial version with the subsequent one-time payment, or a monthly subscription to the plugin. The client can decide what mode of payment for the plugin is more convenient to him/her.

In case users of the plugin don’t pay, they won’t be able to use this method of payment.

As a result of the project the Development Team created the plugin for Woocommerce, which is used on WordPress sites, where it is necessary to connect to the Payconiq system as one of possible ways of payment.

To start work with plugin a user only needs data, which he/she obtains at conclusion of agreement with Payconiq.

Integration with Freemius service allows to protect files of a plugin from free use.

Accoring to the client’s choice, the plugin can be extended in various ways: monthly subscription, single payment, trail-version, etc.

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