Windows 8 RT app for refueling stations operators

The main challenge was to develop a Windows 8 RT application from scratch with dedicated functionality

Project Overview

The main challenge was to develop a Windows 8 RT application for tablets for operators of refueling stations. It was specified that the application would include  modules:

  • Customer polls and surveys
  • News and information on products. The News module provides information on products (shop) and promotional events. It also contains images and documents in various formats. This module should have advertising functionality
  • Repair data arranged as the system of tickets

Tickets are used as requests for maintenance and repair work provided by stations. Each ticket has a status: “worker assigned”, “work finished/not finished”, etc. All the functions have to be available offline as well.


What Was Done

Innowise Group .Net team implemented the following tasks:

• Tickets functionality with the possibility to attach images to tickets (creating a ticket, changing the status, history, etc.)

• Advertising functionality (was added to the existing shop module) with 2 options for promoting advertisement in the application: when the application is run, and also advertisement is displayed in the news module as one of its news categories. A counter of advertisement views (sent to the server)

Integration with backend

• Synchronization. At the request of the Customer, tickets can be submitted or rejected only when connection with the server exists. When there is no online connection, a ticket draft is saved locally on the tablet. Creating repair documentation, ticket financial statements and attachments (pictures of damages) is available offline, and the data will be sent to the server during the next active connection. Each time the application is run, the server DB updates are checked

• Adding more features to the project

• Stabilizing, etc

The application is written in C# and XAML programming languages. It exchanges data with the server in XML and multipart/form-data formats using http protocol. For local data storage, SQLite database management system is used. JSON format is used for maintenance of operating state.

The team has successfully completed development and testing of the application. It runs smoothly and provides high quality service for users.

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