VR fashion museum

Fashion museum with 3 Virtual Reality experiences and Start scene with interactive menu

Project Overview

Innowise Group specialists participated in creation VR Demo project that demonstrates the potential of Virtual Reality technologies. The application is developed for HTC Vive, HTC Vive Controller is needed.

The app consists of 3 Virtual Reality experiences and Start scene with interactive menu.

First Virtual Reality Experience is 360 Video which appears around the user after choosing this mode.

Virtual Fashion Gallery consists of a few galleries, the user can freely move between them, look at the photos and videos placed on the walls.

3D models of Haute Couture dresses in the Gallery have been created by 3D Modellers from scratch. Initially we have had just a set of referenced images which we have used to make 3D models with fabric simulation. After it we have made UV-mapping of the dresses and then created the textures. Final versions of the dresses were placed into the virtual gallery so the user could walk through the exhibition and review each dress in great detail.

Virtual Reality Shop shows the possibilities of making purchases in virtual reality. The user could choose any dress, change its color at will and look at the dress in details. We’ve implemented the opportunity of purchasing the dress: the user can choose the model of the dress, required size and even the method of payment.


What Was Done

All rights of the project reserved to SOMA 365 Media

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