Website for windows selling company

Website for windows selling company



The challenge for our Development Team was to implement the integration of Wordpress with the website of the company specializing on production of windows.

The customer also wanted to realize the expansion of functionality of the site.

For realization of a task the WordPress platform was chosen as the simplest one. The  platform allows customer to maintain the website really easy.

Besides a basic engine the Development Team also installed plugins for addition of custom fields and various types of materials.



Was wurde gemacht

The website was transferred to the WordPress platform with maintenance of the  pixel-perfect design.

The feature for editing content via the admin panel was added.

The team also made several changes in design and templates according to the requirements of the customer.

Besides, the plugin for optimization of the website in search engines (SEO) we installed.

Our team of specialists made the following:

  • integration of Wordpress with the site

  • the dynamic output data was customized

  • the functionality of the site was expanded in accordance with the customer's requirements

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