Website for providing help in emergency situations

Website for providing help in emergency situations




The goal of the project was to develop a multilingual website with similar functionality as in a mobile application that offers help to people in critical and emergency situations.

The project is a system for creation and editing of content and the menu under a mobile application.


Was wurde gemacht

In the course of work under the project it was necessary to create a couple of expansions for TinyMCE for inserts of multimedia and custom references to pages in the application.

The Development Team also made the possibility to add several languages.

Updating of content in application was realized through archive where all content of pages was located and the application transferred it to and put everything in the database for autonomous work without the connection to Internet.

The Development Team performed:

  • Custom CMS development;

  • Development of API to connect the mobile application with the database of the website;

  • Front-end development.

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