Web application for a mobile game

Web application for a mobile game



The challenge for the Development Team was to create the web application for creation and update of a show-window with information content connected with a mobile game: news, encyclopedia, base about heroes, ratings.

Viewing of a show-window with content is available from the client of a game through the built-in web viewer (primary case of use) and also via desktop or mobile browsers.

The following was implemented by the Development Team:

  • Configuration of multisiting to add new projects

  • Layout and creation of  the theme and widgets

  • Writing of the custom module for obtaining of information on API from the game server

  • Creation of content types (news, events, encyclopedia articles and many more)

  • Connection with API

  • Localization

The web application consists of the sections:

  • Home

  • How to win

  • Heroes

  • News page

  • Events

  • Leaderboards



Was wurde gemacht

The created widgets include:

Widget “Featured” - big banner with heading, subtitle and background image, with a mouse click the user will open the page with content.

Widget “Hero”- during each loading the widget displays the portrait of the hero, who is the lead in a game at the moment on certain parameters.

Widget “Current event” - Displays the announcement of the current game event from the corresponding section (name, image, timer to termination).

Widget “News” - Big widget with announcements of news in chronological order. Contains filter-rubricator for the announcement of news on certain subject. For visual variety the announcement card may contain the illustrating image with news heading, or only heading.

Widget “The latest news” - the block with headings of 3 latest news.

Widget “Heroes catalogue” - the list of all heroes of the game, the list is displayed by a tile. Heroes in the list have to be sorted and displayed by the following principle: on

the first 6 positions the user sees the heroes who are the leaders in game statistics at the moment. Other heroes are displayed in the second part of the list in alphabetical order.

Widget “Button” - navigation widget in the form of a screen button. On pressing the button with the user will find an article with description.


The Development Team followed the specification and developed the site in accordance with all the requirements of the Customer.

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