Support project for online bookstore

Support project for online bookstore



The main challenge for the Development Team was to render support of several existing projects of the Customer.

The company of the Customer is engaged in development and support of WordPress  online stores. The main specialization - bookstores/publishing house.


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The Customer’s company developed WordPress plugins and their own services intended for import of data and the organization of storage of media of content.

Services are based on technologies and services of Amazon: S3, CloudFront, Route 53, Cli, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk. Also services are used: ImgIx, CloudFlare, RackSpace.

All projects on WordPress are located on a hosting of the company that allows to serve a large number of the websites at the same time.

Services of the company are located on dedicated servers of Amazon. For bookstore the interface is provided for loading of data on books and automatic import on the website together with images. All media content is taken out out of limits of WordPress and is stored on Amazon S3.

Our task included the support of the existing projects:

  • Updating of all projects to the last versions of WordPress, subjects and plug-ins

  • Fix of of bugs at backend and frontend

  • Migration of projects on SSL (https)

The support of services included the following tasks:

  • Connection of the new client in the system of import of data of book products

  • Modification of logic of import/export of data

  • Bugfix

  • Migration of media-content on ImgIx + S3

  • Configuration of CloudFront and CloudFlare

  • Work with CRON

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