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  • Security module for e-shops

    Security module for e-shops



    The main challenge was to develop a security plugin for shops with the following functionality:

    • Viewing attack logs

    • Sending email alerts

    • PHPIDS configuration : exceptions, html and json fields

    • Warning page informing of the attack attempt

    • Logging users out of WP admin panel

    • Auto updates of default_filter.xml and Converter.php

    • Client banning based on attack threshold and repeated attacks

    • Ban template and message

    • History of attacks for IP address

    • Geolocation for IP address

    • Statistics module: quantity of intrusions, quantity of IP addresses, most active tag for: today, 1 week, 1 month new

    • Ban list history up to 1k (1000) rows

    Additionally different levels of attacks should be separated, and there should be the possibility to set specific further actions (behavior) for each level.


    Was wurde gemacht


    In the process of development the existing plugin was considerably improved and supplemented in accordance with the functional requirements.

    The menu of the admin panel is arranged conveniently ensuring easy usage.


    As a result of the cooperation the customer received a security system which works smoothly and reliably. Each attack is logged, and depending on the attack level it is either blocked or a warning message is sent to the user.

    A demo site was created in which the plugin was implemented, in order to demonstrate that the plugin fulfills all the declared requirements properly.

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