Online jewelry shop

E-commerce platform that sells diamonds, rings and jewelry


The challenge for our Development Team was to develop the online responsive website, e-commerce platform that sells diamonds, wedding/engagement rings and jewelry.

The project was  nominally divided into three components:

  • The website
  • The admin panel
  • The supplier panel

Was wurde gemacht

The Development Team created the site for online jewelry shop with wide functionality.

Create ring function lets users choose any predefined setting of the ring and any diamond from the catalogue and order the ring with unique design.

Buy diamonds function allows users to buy just a diamond (a stone) without ring setting.

Catalogue of products:

  • Different items (ring settings, diamonds or jewelry) have different filter parameters. Filter section stays in fixed position while scrolling.

  • Users are able to change layout of catalogue from 3-column to 5-column grid.

  • Preview function of items (hover on “eye” icon)

  • Compare function: users are able to select 2-5 different items and compare them. On a compare page users are able to remove selected items, go to inner page or select item (add to cart).

  • Checkout. The payment in the website is realised via 3rd party solution - Paypal.

  • Shipping. The system keeps address and shipping info of the user.

  • Multi language (English and French), text content pages are editable in admin panel

  • Login, Register, Forgot password pages

  • Search by catalogue items

  • Live help center (chat icon on the right bottom of each page).

  • Manual discount code - users are able to fill it when buying any item. This affecting the final price with predefined discount.

  • Subscribe to Newsletter function

The main pages of the site:

  • Index

  • Information page with general description, best offers, pre-made designs etc.

  • Calagoue

  • Create ring

  • Special Offers. The page with sales, discounts and promotions.

  • Promotion page

  • Education. Catalogue of articles with information about diamonds, how to choose them etc.

  • Article page

  • Login

  • Search result

  • Cart

  • Favorites/wishlist

  • Blog list + inner page

  • Guarantee Text Pages

  • Terms of Use

  • Privacy Policy

  • FAQ

The admin panel:

  • Admin is able to update images manually (text, img, button link) on index page

  • Admin can update diamond of the moth section on index page

  • Admin has the possibility to mark catalogue items as Special Offer and ability to setup discount manually. Discount is set up for each item separately, in money equivalent.  

  • Admin is able to edit/add new articles in Education section / FAQ / Blog

  • Admin can edit content of About page

  • Admin has the possibility to review the list of subscribers (via newsletter)

The Suppliers login functionality:

  • Each Supplier has access to panel where he/she is able to upload new catalogue items.

  • Suppliers are able to upload 3 excel files with a bit different structure.

  • After uploading document they are able to edit only price of the item.

  • To edit all other fields users have to upload new document with new data.

  • All items from all suppliers appear in catalogue.



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