Mental Health Online Services

Mental Health Online Services


The website for mental health services online and via mobile devices that provides: diagnostic tools; self-administered screening tests; treatment programs online and on mobile devices; guidelines, self-help tools; videos and workbooks; interaction with experts in virtual private offices; tools progress tracker to record and analyze symptoms; moods and activities; mobile apps with access to the site's tools and content on phone or mobile devices and many more.


Was wurde gemacht

QA team accomplished: functional and smoke testing of the system’s web part and version for mobile devices; reports on testing; documentation on the found bugs and checking of the corrected bugs; UI, manual and negative testing; requirements analysis and documentation; preparing/correction of user guides for various user roles in the system; load testing of the web part of the system.

Im Falle einer bestimmten Anfrage oder Technologie, die hier nicht aufgeführt ist, können Sie das mit einem Experten unter order in Skype Innowise besprechen.