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  • Corporate System for Payment Terminals

    Сorporate system is created to monitor, control and load the payment terminals parameters


    Сorporate system is created to monitor, control and load the payment terminals parameters. The system enables the bank or service organization to automatically update the software for the entire network of terminal equipment. Users can select a specific city and view the number of available terminals. Also, they can activate and deactivate functions for the selected terminal type. 

    Terminal network management is performed remotely by bank or service organization specialists, without a specialist's visit to the place of equipment installation, except in force majeure circumstances. 


    Was wurde gemacht

    The client came with a request to upgrade an existing solution. The main challenge was to fix bugs and optimize the system in the user part of the solution. 

    During the work on the solution, we introduced the classifying terminals by license type, classification of information by tables and graphical images. We also created an adaptive design for the newly developed functionality and added features. 

    Project team: 2 developers, 1 PM.
    Technologies and Tools: PHP, Symfony, MongoDB, bootstrap.

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