Social network with dedicated functionality for travellers

Social network with dedicated functionality for travellers

Project Overview

A fully-fledged social network for travellers that helps them to get inspiration from picturesque landscapes, find like-minded people, encounter cool ideas for exciting activities, keep a diary of adventures and share what they see with friends and family.  

The solution was created for a startup and aimed to make the journey comfortable and exciting. Its main functions are the ability to mark places visited, find app users online nearby, create photo sets and share photos on social networks. Its functionality continues to expand.

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What Was Done

The main problem on the project was the use of outdated functionality, which hindered the solution scalability. The outdated configurations, servers and modules were difficult to support and maintain.

After the discovery phase we made the following changes:

Data migration from dev server to digital ocean to make the solution download faster, minimize breakages and improve support from the provider
Created a system of version control. This allowed expanding the functionality to give the developers the possibility to work flexibly and create a distributed system for independent work on parts of the application.
Fixed bugs for the application launch platform (kuber, etc.) to make it easier to work with the program.

We also developed new functionality based on the customer’s wishes:

To sum up, we not only refactored the system and improved it, but also developed new, effective functionality for travellers to make the application convenient and affordable to use during journeys.

Project team: 4 developers, 1 PM.
Technologies and tools: Python 2.x, odoo 9, Angular 1.x, JS, Celery, Redis, gitlab ci, Kubernetes.

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