Mobile and web applications for tasking, project management and data sharing

Custom application for handy tasking, project management and data sharing


The client provides businesses with SaaS applications that assist in different business processes.


In the modern fast-paced world, project management processes require high flexibility and access to data.

Our client came up with a platform, that would allow managers to track tasks, manage projects and share data with other team members in a convenient form on the go.



Our development team has designed a solution that allows employees to efficiently interact with each other: communicate in common chats, set tasks and subtasks, determine their category (new, completed, etc.) and track the time for their completion.

One of the main requirements for the application was keeping staff mobile and flexible in managing workflow and data, so we have developed a mobile and a web version of the platform client.

Also, our team has implemented a feature that allows for adding a card number or IBAN so that the system could give the user the ability to track payments from the company, as well as see a list of all previous transactions. Moreover, with help of this feature the user can also justify the need for additional payments from the company (i.e. showing bills from personal payments covering company’s needs).

For mobility and flexibility of users, we’ve built in logic to use a third-party Next Cloud server, which helps to work with files, and added a built-in API solution to easily and quickly download files to the user’s smartphone.

To make contacting colleagues handy, our developers have also developed a profile module that contains all the necessary information on a particular staff member in case he needs to be contacted urgently.

Such data as payment details, project-related files and team members’ profiles are very sensitive. To keep it away from third parties we have implemented a suitable security solution.


All in all, our client received a project management platform that comes in mobile and web versions. It allows for handy and quick access to vital data about the workflow of a company and comfortable communications among the team, still keeping all the data secured.

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