Intelligentes System für Projekt- und Aufgabenmanagement

The system allows unifying the team’s work and the storage of information about employees, clients, and company projects.

Project Overview

The system unifying the team’s work and stores information about employees, clients, and projects. 

Using this solution, users can easily assign and perform tasks, schedule deadlines, and track their employees’ work time. The system provides integration with Microsoft Office Online and Google Docs. This allows users to perform all actions with documents even if they have no office programs on the PC. Cloud storage can be used to store the company’s information. 


What Was Done

The main challenge on the project was to optimize the system for inserting new employees into the ready-made solution. 

Our team has created a separate module for adding departments of a particular company and its employees. And we also developed the ability to monitor the number of employees working in the company. In the admin panel, you can manage projects, assign tasks, and assign specific employees. Now, users can make requests, sign statements and fill out reports in the system. 

We used Azure DevOps Server capabilities to create a comprehensive system for enterprise growth. 

Project team: 3 developers, 1 PM.
Technologies and Tools: PHP, Symfony, MySQL, JS, HTML.

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