Online shop of bedroom furniture

Online shop of bedroom furniture and accessories

Project Overview

The Customer is the owner of online shop of bedroom furniture and accessories.The detailed information about the direct customer cannot be disclosed due to the conditions of NDA between the Development Team and the Customer.

The task for the Development Team was to optimize the shopping cart page for the existing website. The optimiztion was specially needed for mobile. The customer offered a new design of the wanted behavior of the shopping card page.

The requirements  for the shopping card page were the following:

  • minimize the top and bottom margin or padding;

  • minimize the margin on top of the Ekomi reviews;

  • give the attributenames a ‘regular’ font-style so they are more obvious;

  • eliminate column names and place the cells beneath the product attributes;

  • remove the price per piece and keep the total price;

  • first show the checkout block;

  • place the buttons next to each other;

  • eliminate white space in the block;

  • downscale the images so they fit next to each other.


What Was Done

The Development Team made all the changes in the shopping cart of the site in accordance with the requirements of the Customer.

The arrangement of blocks and burrons where changes in accorgance with new design, provided by the Customer.

We also deleted the minimized photos of products from the review.

In mobile version of the site the spaces were changed. In the shopping cart of the site the table of products was reorganized.

The mobile version of the shopping cart was optimized in accordance with the requirements of the Customer. Review of product images shows only necessary photos. The shopping cart works smoothly.

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