Mobile app for automotive dealer networks

The software product allows to create mobile applications for automotive dealer networks on iOS and Android platforms

Project Overview

The objectiv of the project was to create a software product allowing creation of mobile applications for automotive dealer networks on iOS and Android platforms quickly and at a low cost.

The manager shall have the possibility to overlook the dealership mobile application status and its current configuration.

The software must be compatible with the external MS SQL database of dealer networks.


What Was Done

A system has been implemented for creation and management of application templates.

The configuration manager uses an ASP MVC 5 based UI for administration.

The configuration manager has the following main features:

The configuration manager employs the Customer’s MS SQL dealership database to create a MongoDB configuration database. Common parameters are synchronized between Mongo and MS SQL databases.

The system administrator overlooks the current status of any given application including version, upload date and responsible manager. He can also add users eligible to work within the environment with the possibility to reduce their permissions to customize modules.

The application constructor allows user to configure the structure of a future application. The template has a number of fixed core options (News, Services, Dealers, Help and Profile) which can be customized by the user according to his needs. User can change basic appearance options (background color, upload a logo, etc.) and choose from a range of services which the dealer network may want to include to the application (new/used cars, order placement, booking for maintenance, insurance, etc.) using simple tick boxes. Any changes to the configuration are instantly shown in the preview screen.

Once the template is configured and saved, the application builders can use a resulting JSON file featuring all the parameters used in the application to finish the application and upload the product to the appropriate online store – iOS and Android versions available. The system has been successfully launched. For three months we are going to support the system, in order to fix minor drawbacks (if any will arise) and implement minor changes.

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