Mobile Application For Mental Health

The app helps a person with a mental disorder find a way to cope with the disorder


The client provides medical support for people with mental disorders.


Meeting a therapist is vital for patients with mental disorders. Still, the treatment is at its peak effectiveness when the patient can find ways to cope with such problems at any time, not only during scheduled meetings with the therapist.

Our client intended to create an app that would assist patients in coping with their problems when they need it.



Our development team came up with a concept for the application that would have all the necessary information on how a patient can cope with different afflictions and their effects on their own. They filled the app with a series of materials describing the affliction and how to correct it. After each material in the app, there is a link to a video, test, or exercise that helps reinforce what the patient has learned.

Our developers have also added a list of helpline contacts for all countries that a user can text or call for emergency cases. They have implemented the number forwarding from the application to the phone keyboard feature to make the contacting process quicker.

To improve accessibility to data and the overall usability of the application, our team has also implemented an offline access feature.


As a result, the client received a custom application that assists his patients in conducting mental treatment activities. The information in the app can be easily accessed both online and offline, and the user can easily contact the local helpline in case of an emergency.

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