Data Sorting and Logo Recognition

The neural network recognizes current soccer team players and the soccer team logos

Project Overview

The application allows users to find out the most accurate information about soccer teams around the world, including the current team roster after the transfer of players, the club merchandise, etc. With the help of an advanced neural network, the system filters out irrelevant logo images and recognizes the right ones. The bot regularly updates the information and does so many times faster than the administrator manually.


What Was Done

The solution consists of two independent modules. The first module includes a feature that helps collect information about the team’s players from Google and Wikipedia. The second, more complex module recognizes a specific soccer player by his photo uploaded to the system. The new feature in this module is the ability to recognize the logo of the team in which the player plays.

Technologies and tools: Python, OpenCV, PyTorch, Keras, SSD, DeepLogo.

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