Corporate web application to organize processes and communication

The team developed udata model, core business logic and web part of the system by using the latest technologies and tools

Project Overview

The main challenges most innovative companies face with are the company processes organization, monitoring of activities, resources, staff, documents, time management, etc. One of the most important challenges is the ability to find the required content as quickly as possible, to organize it in such a way that the content would be available only for selected company departments or a separate group of stakeholders/users. The company processes also should be simply organized, transparent and flexible to manage.

At the current stage we can see that there are many enterprise resource planning solutions in the world market. Unfortunately, it is still hard to choose one of them to adapt to internal processes for many reasons: some of them are too complex, others are too simple and cannot be adapted to at least part of the company’s processes.

One of the key objectives companies have to deal with is the usability of such systems. The required usability improvement can be achieved through usage of HTML5/CSS3 and AJAX. So the system becomes fast, dynamic, intuitive and easy to use.

Thus, companies need a cost effective, simply manageable, flexible solution which centralizes business data and brings benefit to the company business, and at the same time requires minimum efforts for integration and training.


What Was Done

The team developed udata model, core business logic and web part of the system by using the latest technologies and tools. The solution is a sterling Web 3.0 web dynamic cloud application. It allows companies to organize processes, communication, data transferring and management, people management, etc.

The solution is based on Zend Frameworks and MVC model. We have chosen Zend framework since it’s an extremely simple, object-oriented, and flexible solution that encapsulates best practices, agile & testing methodologies, and ensures very rapid development of enterprise-grade web applications.

The front-end part is based on HTML5/CSS3 and AJAX (jQuery framework). Content is organized using intelligent tag system. Almost all user events are handled without page reloading with immediate results.

The system has a smart search mechanism that is based on Apache Solr search engine and is optimized for searching not only by user content but also by different types of documents (pdf, excel, doc, txt, rtf, etc.) which could be simply uploaded to the server or attached to different content types. The advanced search mechanism allows users to set up different search criteria for target search results.

The company’s users can organize the joint use of documents in a simple and transparent way using wiki style of the corresponding system’s module. All documents can be simply assigned on different groups of users, so security of documents will not be violated if access is not provided.

The team developed the first version of the system within the prescribed time limit. It has a user-friendly interface (easy-to-use, easy-to-learn, easy-to-remember). The delivered system is high-performing, reliable, easily maintainable and expandable. The next version of the solution will be implemented by the team in the future as agreed with the customer.

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