Corporate site on webEdition CMS

Corporate site on webEdition CMS with Mobile and Tablet versions

Project Overview

The challenge for our Development Team was to develop the site on the open source framework webEdition that was new to the Team.

webEdition is a web content management system written in PHP and using MySQL. It is the new CMS for website creators and administrators, who wish to manage their websites comfortably with an extremely flexible and extensible CMS.  webEdition is a file-based and database-based system, allowing both static content to be stored efficiently and complex dynamic content to be provided. webEdition has a modular structure and can therefore be expanded according to requirements in terms of functionality. CMS has modules which ensure the individual adaptability and additional performance of webEdition.

Main features of webEdition:

1. Easy to use for editors

2. Full control over the code


What Was Done

The Development Team created the site on the framework webEdition.We used all possibilities of the file and database-based content management system webEdition, which offered a comprehensive range of functions.

The project components:

The specialists of the company realized types of content, with could be added by the user while creating the page. There is also a possibility to add, edit, amend, make settings and alter the position of the content.  

The Development Team followed the specification and developed the site in accordance with best practices and  the requirements of the Customer.

Mobile and tablet versions of the site would be also available for the end user.

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