Komponente zum Dateitransfer zwischen Plattformen

Component to Transfer Files Between Platforms File management manager that used to create sections for uploading files on the site quickly and easily

Project Overview

This file management manager used to create sections for uploading files on the site quickly and easily. The distinctive feature of the component is the possibility of mass download: all files or several selected items are downloaded in a zip archive at the click of a button. An unlimited number of categories allows to organize the structure of files on the server and bring it in line with the web resource structure itself.

Besides, this service converts textual materials into PDF format, making manipulation with large amounts of data much more accessible. Files can be stored on a remote server or locally on the site.


What Was Done

The main challenge on the project was to create a solution from scratch in the shortest possible time and with a limited budget. 

The customer asked to create a system for transferring data (files, documents) from one tracking platform to another with minimal risks. An additional request was the conversion of the text version of the file in PDF form. 

Using Joomla technologies and working with MySQL, we developed a service that allows users to convert materials from one tracking system to another and convert text materials in PDF format, which simplifies the work with large amounts of data. 

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