Commerce Website and VR Application

Commerce Website and VR Application brings to life the idea of the next evolutionary leap in commerce.

Project Overview

Landing page design for HomeAsMall.

Home as Mall brings to life the idea of the next evolutionary leap in commerce.

As the XXI century goes on, trade is gradually moving to the Internet environment.

The next step of this evolution is VIRTUAL REALITY sales, when an item can be looked up in detail and even tried on without leaving home.


What Was Done

Visual Blocks

1. General environment of immersion into the highly realistic VR mall with halls, walkways, people, cafés, and fountains. Billboards on the walls are integrated with an online context advertising service.

2. Showroom environment for each of the brands. There a user can both watch the latest brand fashion shows on a video panel and find oneself as a show attendee.

3. History and milestones of each brand can be found, and then heard or seen in a virtual fashion museum. It holds photos and videos covering several decades.

4. Showroom and VR shop of each brand allow the user to have a look at highly detailed photorealistic models of every item, try them on and immediately buy them, delivery included.

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