Analytics system for Ethereum smart contracts

Analytics system for Ethereum smart contracts

Project Overview

The challenge for our team was to develop an analytics system for Ethereum smart contracts. This system was designed to collect detailed statistics of the contract and can be treated as analogue of Google Analytics in the field of blockchain. To watch the contract user needs to know its address.

After address has been added to user’s account, he can monitor various activities related to this smart contract. For example, number of requests, incoming and outgoing transactions, transferred funds and lots of other parameters.

Statistics can be viewed for different periods of time in past as well as in real-time.


What Was Done

The analysis is performed on the data stored in the node, which are updated in real time and allow to evaluate the attendance of the smart contract. User has ability to monitor smart contract performance, business success, advertising, and other contract-related activities.  For user convenience, the results of the analysis are presented in the form of tables and graphs, allowing to convert the data into a solution that will meet the marketing strategy and contribute to the successful development and promotion of the business.


The system has 2 types of users:

For each role, a set of available screens and allowed actions on these screens are defined. Demo mode (unregistered user) allows to get familiar with the basic functionality of the application – data analysis for a predefined smart contract, and understand if it can be interesting and useful.

After going through a simple registration procedure user gets access to such functions of the application as:

The system automatically collects General information about the smart contract from open sources and the blockchain network. User can view all the official information about the smart contract and make the necessary notes, insert and edit the source code and ABI code of the smart contract. If necessary, the smart contract byte code can be decompiled and disassembled to produce code similar to the source and op-code representation, respectively.

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