A Communication Assistant for Deaf People

An app that enables deaf people to interact more effectively with the people around them


The client provides social services for the impaired people.


Deaf people need a sign language interpreter to comfortably do even everyday tasks like shopping or during doctor appointments.

Requesting such services is expensive because payment amount calculations include the time the interpreter spent on transferring from home to the destination place and vice versa.

The client came up with an app that would allow people with hearing impairment to request online services from interpreters, which would reduce the cost of the service.



Our development team has designed an application that allows deaf people and sign language interpreters to connect online.

The platform has two versions: the mobile is for people with hearing impairment, and the web is for interpreters.

A deaf person can book the services of a sign language interpreter, schedule an appointment date, time and length, and communicate with him or her via videoconference. To make the appointing process more comfortable, we’ve added a text chat functionality.

In addition to this, we’ve improved the application’s comfort of use with the help of a customizable design: a user can change the color and locations of boxes and columns.


In the end, the client received a comfortable to use and customizable platform that connects hearing-impaired people with sign language interpreters and reduces the cost of interpreters’ services.

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