Custom software development

We thrive on challenges and love to use our collective experience to innovate software solutions. We help our clients create intuitive software products that deliver benefits to their businesses on a daily basis.

We thrive on challenges and love to use our collective experience to innovate software solutions. We help our clients create intuitive software products that deliver benefits to their businesses on a daily basis.

Innowise Group is a custom software development company that solves customer business problems by bringing together global expertise, innovation, and creativity to provide clients with world-class technology solutions.

By combining a broad range of technical expertise with an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction, Innowise Group has become an authoritative option for companies looking for offshore custom software development services, including supplementing in-house resources in the delivery of discrete project components, integration of the latest technology with existing enterprise infrastructure, creating complex interactive and multimedia environments, and start-to-finish development efforts.

Why custom software

Do you want specific work to be done in a way that no software can provide on the market? Are there any unresolved problems or any special requirements that remain thorny day after day? The solution to this snag is custom software development — the software designed specifically for a particular user or organization. With it, the task will be performed in an ideal way, easier and faster than ever, according to all your requirements.

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The phrase “custom product” is often equated with “expensive product” in the minds of many people. Although you will pay more for a custom software solution than for an already existing software application, you should consider aiming at obtaining your own customized solution because:

it can unite all the functionality you need. For example, while the staff needs to fill in spreadsheets, reports and application forms on different platforms, precious time gets wasted, both yours and the client’s. One custom solution can automate many work processes that will increase overall effectiveness and result in revenue growth. In these cases obtaining a custom software product is more profitable than using many non-custom ones quite often.
it’s easier in terms of scaling and improving. We know that you want to grow and strongly support this will. But one day you’ll get to the point when you have 2, 5, 10 times more workstations that need to have various software products installed. You’ll have to buy licenses and ask your IT department to spend plenty of time on getting the new machines ready to work… If you own your own software solution, it’s not such a big deal! And if you need some new functionality, it’s much easier to contact the developers directly and ask for this new feature than sending dozens of feedback reports and still having no movement forward.

Our custom software development process

Below you can find typical steps of the software development process we have elaborated throughout the 15-years professional activity. Some stages may vary depending on the specifics of the solution being developed, the chosen cooperation/pricing model, and software development methodology.

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Research and discovery
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Validating and shaping the idea
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Design and prototyping
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Testing and quality assurance
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Maintenance and technical support
Research and discovery phase, during which the team members come to a decision on what they will be developing: a web platform, an application for PCs, a mobile app, etc.
Validating and shaping the idea of the future solution. At this stage, the team determines the viability of the project with the help of various tests.
Design and prototyping. If the idea passes all the tests and gets approved, the team can finally start working on the prototype of the product: designers create mock-ups of the interface, developers set up basic processes meant to be in the future product and so on. As a result, the “demo-version” of the future custom software is created.
The development process itself. When the development stage begins, our software specialists concentrate on the high quality of the code.
Testing and quality assurance. After the release build of the application is finished, it needs to be tested in order to prevent users from facing serious flaws or fatal bugs. Everything has to be working properly at the release.
Maintenance and technical support. The application is released, everything seems fine. But now you need to extend functionality, aren’t quite sure how to scale the things up, or your employee just broke something. One of the major benefits you get from custom software is that you can always contact the developers and ask for solutions to the occurring problems. Without waiting for ages to get the new feature implemented, default replies or needing to water the owner of the application with spam-like messages to get things done faster.

By automating certain tasks, you can partially unload your staff, make their work more efficient – and this is always a long-term payback contribution. Investing in a non-standard software solution may end up being less expensive compared to several software components.

Custom software can be large or small as your needs require. You may need only one small piece to link two already existing software systems, or you may need a reliable solution that is unique to your business. As often happens, an individual software solution can streamline business processes and work more efficiently than many off-the-shelf software packages.

Custom Development includes software products creation from scratch. Innowise Group builds web, desktop, mobile, and trending VR and AR solutions. IT solutions offered by Innowise Group are foremost directed to increasing effectiveness of our customers’ business.