Innowise Group ist ein internationales Unternehmen für den vollen Zyklus der Softwareentwicklung, welches 2007 gegründet wurde. Unser Team besteht aus mehr als 1000 IT-Experten, welche Software für mehrere Branchen und Domänen weltweit entwickeln.
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Innowise Group ist ein internationales Unternehmen für den vollen Zyklus der Softwareentwicklung, welches 2007 gegründet wurde. Unser Team besteht aus mehr als 1000 IT-Experten, welche Software für mehrere Branchen und Domänen weltweit entwickeln.
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Hyperledger development services

Innowise Group creates various Hyperledger solutions that will help any business achieve new standards as well as expand to new limits. With years of experience in blockchain development and creating Hyperledger-compatible applications and DLTs, we will make every idea come true, regardless of its complexity. Our experts are ready to develop a Hyperledger project from scratch or join a client’s project at any stage of development, from the idea brainstorm to the coding or even the testing and auditing finalizing stage.

Looking for Hyperledger development services?

Hyperledger blockchain development services

Innowise Group provides its customers with all blockchain development-related services. As a team of experienced and skilled blockchain developers, we guarantee that each and every project that we develop will be error-free and will meet all the requirements when it comes to reliability and security. In our daily routine, we employ all the tools and frameworks that have ever been developed and currently applied within the Hyperledger community. In particular, we provide our customers with the following services, listed below.

application development
Hyperledger application development
In our everyday work, we use all the Hyperledger-related tools and frameworks to create applications and other solutions that will meet all clients’ business requirements. Innowise Group also provides its clients with several variations of the product to enable them make the final decision on which one will be deployed to the mainnet.
Smart Contracts
Smart Contracts
Known as Chaincodes within the Hyperledger ecosystem, these applications will allow our clients to automate various processes that require paperwork and human intermediation instead. By addressing our Hyperledger blockchain development company, a client will receive a premium quality product created by a team of experienced chaincode development professionals.
Dedicated developers
Dedicated Hyperledger developers
Our clients might have thoughts on how to optimize some of their business processes or even build a company from scratch based on blockchain and Hyperledger technology. In that case, our dedicated Hyperledger developers are ready to engage at any moment of the development process to implement all client’s ideas.
Hyperledger consulting
With our vast experience in this niche, we offer consultancy services related to any feature of Hyperledger. Innowise Group examines clients’ business needs to be able to offer an up-to-date product that will optimize all possible processes, provide outstanding solutions for the target audience, and generate revenue.
Migration and enhancement
Migration and enhancement
With our team of skilled Hyperledger developers, a client can migrate any of the existing projects to the Hyperledger blockchain without thinking about compatibility or other aspects. Innowise Group will take care of all the migration issues. In addition, our experts will provide all the necessary updates to the application if any.
Wartung und Support
Wartung und Support
We provide all types of services related to Hyperledger Fabric application development, including post-production maintenance and full-fledged support. Even after the deployment of the product, our clients’ apps remain in safe hands. Innowise Group’s professionals will maintain, support and fix any arising issues.

Our Hyperledger blockchain development experience

Hyperledger is a kind of a dome that includes a lot of technologies and tools for developers to satisfy all the needs of their clients and to make full-fledged applications, as well as other solutions. In particular, this open-source DLT offers various smart contract engines, graphic interfaces, libraries, frameworks, etc. All these tools help Hyperledger developers from Innowise Group build modern applications of all types, and we share some of them below.

Fabric experience

Hyperledger Fabric

This is a distributed ledger platform that provides scalability and flexibility, along with resiliency, to all the users. With a special design offering implementation of pluggable components, Innowise Group recommends Hyperledger Fabric as a tool to solve any difficulties that may arise in any economic environment.

Sawtooth platform

Hyperledger Sawtooth

By using this special enterprise-level blockchain platform, our developers will specify all client’s business rules according to one’s needs and choices. The platform allows the creation of all types of apps thanks to its modular approach, which, in turn, allows to set any transaction rules and consensus algorithms.

Iroha framework

Hyperledger Iroha

The framework that is supported by the Linux Foundation contributes to building various blockchain applications based on Byzantine Fault Tolerance Consensus. We use the apps developed on this framework in various niches, including the creation of digital assets, ID verification, etc.

Indi framework

Hyperledger Indi

Built especially for decentralized identity, Indi is a framework that offers reusable components and other tools to produce digital identities on blockchain. Hyperledger Indi provides an environment where users can control their data on their own and, even more importantly, prevent it from being stolen or intercepted.

Corda solution

Hyperledger Corda

This solution was initially developed for various implementations within the financial institution environment. With Corda Enterprise, which is a special commercial edition of the basic Corda DLT, our clients have even more opportunities to improve performance and add other useful options.

Burrow solution

Hyperledger Burrow

It is a solution that provides a modular blockchain client to create a permissible smart contract machine. By using Hyperledger Burrow, Innowise Group’s clients will benefit from high transaction speed (this framework is based on the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism) and transaction finality.

Reasons to choose Hyperledger development

With its permissioned structure, Hyperledger makes it easier to complete digital identity and management for each member of the network. By applying Hyperledger, our clients are not limited to one single DLT anymore. Instead, they will have access to various blockchain benefits within a single dome. Innowise Group’s skilled Hyperledger developers will use all the necessary tools as well as Hyperledger-based and compatible frameworks to make our clients’ businesses enjoy all the advantages of this DLT, listed below.

High accuracy

Hyperledger provides highly accurate, fast, and secure transactions that can be completed within its scalable environment. We employ Hyperledger tools so that you can benefit from all the advantages of this DLT platform.


All the applications that we build on the Hyperledger platform are 100% secure and safe. The tools that this DLT offers to the developers incorporate all the necessary frameworks to assure an unprecedented level of safety.

Scalability and transparency

Hyperledger eliminates the scalability issue that many modern blockchains still have and are unable to solve. The apps that Innowise Group develops on this DLT are 100% transparent.

Reliable business model

All the advantages of Hyperledger allow Innowise Group’s experts to create a reliable business model, which is built in a fast and secure environment with an unprecedented level of trust between the participants of the network.

Extensive analysis

Before we even write the first line of code, our professionals conduct extensive research on our clients’ business needs to provide them with the solution that will allow us to create an informative road map.

Network platforms

The dome structure of Hyperledger, which includes a lot of useful tools and frameworks, makes it possible for our experienced professionals to build various solutions across multiple networks.

Need professional Hyperledger developers?

Innowise Group kann Ihnen helfen

Why choose Innowise Group as Hyperledger development company?

Working with blockchain technologies and creating various DLT-based solutions for more than 10 years, we have extensive experience in building applications and other products in this environment. Our team uses a customer-oriented approach that allows us to learn all client’s needs and implement all client’s ideas into solutions that work as expected.

Moreover, we have a flexible business strategy that allows us to provide clients with only the services they really need. Innowise Group can start with building the solution from scratch or simply join a client’s project at any moment of the development process. By hiring us as Hyperledger developers, you will benefit from the following advantages:

Diversity of solutions

Innowise Group has been providing software development services since 2007. Our team facilitates companies worldwide to make the most of cloud platforms and DevOps. We adopt DevOps methodology and help achieve synergy between development, operations, quality assurance, and customers.

Flexible hiring

Innowise Group has been providing software development services since 2007. Our team facilitates companies worldwide to make the most of cloud platforms and DevOps. We adopt DevOps methodology and help achieve synergy between development, operations, quality assurance, and customers.

Support und Wartung

Unsere DevOps-Berater und -Ingenieure helfen Ihnen, Arbeitsabläufe zu automatisieren, Release-Zyklen zu beschleunigen, die Qualität von Softwarelösungen zu erhöhen und den gesamten Entwicklungsprozess zu überwachen.

Top security

Unsere DevOps-Berater und -Ingenieure helfen Ihnen, Arbeitsabläufe zu automatisieren, Release-Zyklen zu beschleunigen, die Qualität von Softwarelösungen zu erhöhen und den gesamten Entwicklungsprozess zu überwachen.

“Hyperledger is an innovative distributed ledger solution that is able to optimize some business processes but also change the whole landscape of your enterprise. With our skilled developers and experts, you will have a unique opportunity to start any app from scratch and receive support at any stage of your project development.”
Pavel Demeshkevich
CEO der Innowise Group

Technology used for Hyperledger development

Innowise Group’s professionals have been dealing with Hyperledger right from this technology’s launch. Below we share several tools our blockchain experts frequently use in their work.

Cello technology

Cello Hyperledger

With this Hyperledger technology, the developers receive a strong tool, helping simplify the whole process of blockchain creation.

Explorer technology

Hyperledger Explorer

Like Bitcoin explorer and other web applications of this kind, Hyperledger explorer allows to view any type of information that is stored in the network.

Caliper technology

Hyperledger Caliper

With this excellent tool, we can measure the implementation of each particular blockchain in each particular use case.

Composer technology

Hyperledger Composer

Another premium-quality Hyperledger solution that makes it easier to develop and deploy smart contracts as well as other applications and products across the DLT.

Ready to start your own Hyperledger project?

Innowise Group is waiting for your brave ideas!

Our Hyperledger development process

With our team of skilled developers and blockchain experts, you will convert any of your ideas into an effective and reliable solution. We practice individual approaches to each particular task that we perform to create state-of-the-art applications and other blockchain-related products. Innowise Group listens to each of our clients’ requests, which are placed at the heart of the whole development process.

Blockchain ideation
This is the very first stage of any Hyperledger development process that includes brainstorming and roadmap planning. At this particular step, we define further workflow and provide our clients with all the necessary information about the future project.
Technical and visual designing
Like in most niches, design plays a key role in creating Hyperledger apps and solutions. At this particular stage, Innowise Group elaborates on both the visual and technical concepts of the future product.
Development process
Coding is an important part of creating new applications on each blockchain, including the Hyperledger network. During this routine stage, Innowise Group’s skilled developers, brick by brick, build the solution that will be the backbone of your application.
Testing and deployment
Before launching the end app on the mainnet, it should be thoroughly tested as blockchain products are irreversible. To avoid mistakes, we use testnet, where we deploy the project and examine it to prevent errors before it finally takes off on the Hyperledger network.
Wartung und Support
After the project is deployed on the mainnet, we are still with our clients, providing them with our lifetime maintenance and support services, as well as consultations about its future development.

How much does it cost to create a Hyperledger project?

The final cost of the project depends on various factors. The total price depends, in particular, on the complexity of the project, its duration, and some other criteria that include the following ones.

Zusammensetzung des Teams
Professionelles Niveau der Entwickler
Komplexität des Projekts

Hire dedicated Hyperledger developers

It is a good idea to start a blockchain-based project. However, a business might encounter a lot of issues and barriers that will prevent it from reaching the initial goals or postpone the project’s development. By hiring Innowise Group’s dedicated Hyperledger developers, our clients will avoid wasting time on building a strong team of developers. We, in turn, will provide our clients with the following advantages.

First of all, our team has been creating blockchain-related products for 10+ years, hence our clients will receive experienced professionals that will do all the routine work while they can concentrate on developing the project. Second, we provide quality, which is combined with speed and reliability. All the products that we deploy are thoroughly audited and error-free. Third, even after the product is deployed, our clients will still receive our full-fledged support and the application will be maintained by our best specialists.

Was unsere Kunden meinen

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Innowise Group hat eine komplexe Anwendung in der erstaunlich kurzen Zeit von nur 3 Wochen entwickelt. Die Erfahrung ihrer Mitarbeiter und das Know-how in diesem Bereich macht sie zu einem wertvollen Partner.

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Johannes Schweifer CEO CoreLedger AG
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Wir freuen uns sehr, mit Innowise Group an diesem spannenden Projekt zu arbeiten. Gemeinsam werden wir einige der erstaunlichsten Play-to-Earn-Sportspiele in VR entwickeln und die Spieler auf ein unglaubliches Abenteuer mitnehmen.

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Tom Peters Leitender Direktor, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit TNNS Pro
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Innowise Group ist ein zuverlässiger technischer Partner, der als Teil unseres Teams fungiert. Ihre Experten arbeiten engagiert und bringen Fachwissen und Hingabe in die Entwicklung ein.

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Jeff Mallett Mitbegründer NFT Pro


Released in 2015, Hyperledger became an innovative and revolutionary solution, allowing users to put together all possible blockchains and develop new ones, as well as various applications. With six tools and six frameworks, Hyperledger application development services offer almost unlimited opportunities to create whatever project you want and realize any of your business ideas.

If you have chosen Hyperledger as the foundation of your future project, we would recommend that you use Hyperledger Burrow to build fast, reliable, scalable, and secure chaincode applications.


This dome-like blockchain network can be implemented in various niches, including healthcare, fintech, supply chain, manufacturing, retail, etc.


It depends on the complexity of the project and the resources that will be employed during the development process.


Hyperledger is the general name for the whole network, while Hyperledger Fabric is one of the tools that, along with others, are incorporated into this whole Hyperledger ecosystem.


Benötigen Sie weitere Dienstleistungen?

Beschleunigen Sie Ihre Geschäftsentwicklung und steigern Sie die Gewinne mit unseren hochwertigen Blockchain-Diensten.
Innowise Group leverages the power of blockchain technology to deliver state-of-the-art NFT solutions.
Entwicklung von Smart Contracts
Wir bieten umfassende Dienstleistungen für Smart Contracts an – von der Architektur bis zur Bereitstellung im Mainnet.
Our blockchain developers create swift scalable decentralized solutions with a user-friendly interface by utilizing Solana.
Wir verwenden die Solidity-Sprache, um Smart Contracts für Ethereum-basierte Anwendungen zu erstellen und einzusetzen.
Audit und Beratung
Unsere Berater stellen den angemessenen Einsatz von Technologien in Ihrem Projekt sicher.

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