Innowise Group ist ein internationales Unternehmen, das den ganzen Zyklus der Softwareentwicklung abdeckt. Unser Team besteht aus mehr als 1000 IT-Experten, welche Software für mehrere Branchen und Domänen weltweit entwickeln.
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Innowise Group ist ein internationales Unternehmen, das den ganzen Zyklus der Softwareentwicklung abdeckt. Unser Team besteht aus mehr als 1000 IT-Experten, welche Software für mehrere Branchen und Domänen weltweit entwickeln.
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Let’s start the new chapter of your business together

With our Flutter app development services, you can successfully reload your business.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a mobile development framework that is rapidly gaining popularity with its fresh approach, which combines the best of cross-platform and native development, and allows companies to quickly get functional applications.
Flutter enables code reuse across operating systems and lets applications interact with a multitude of platforms. The goal is to allow developers to create high-end applications that work naturally across platforms, recognize differences where they exist, and reuse as much code as possible at the same time.
With Flutter, everything is a widget, from text fields and buttons to media banners and backgrounds. And it uses its own high-capacity widget rendering engine instead of relying on web browser technology or the set of widgets that come with each device.

Cross-platform solutions in Flutter

Using a single, platform-independent codebase, Flutter helps developers build high-performance, scalable applications with attractive and functional user interfaces for different platforms.


Flutter application development services

Custom Flutter app development

At Innowise Group, we know how to turn your idea into a flexible, swift app with native performance and a smooth user interface. When developing Flutter apps, we use a single codebase to build cross-platform apps that allows us to deliver the app in less development time, eliminate bugs, and grow ROI.

Flutter app consulting

We are always available to validate your future Flutter app idea or consult on the existing Flutter-based app. Our Flutter consultants can also help evaluate your current setup and ideate custom Flutter apps to help you use Flutter for a profound business strategy.

Support und Wartung

When using apps, we always make sure they run smoothly and match their performance. We provide comprehensive support and maintenance by constantly checking and fixing bugs, thus ensuring the apps run smoothly and consistently function at peak performance.

Looking for a rapid, seamless and handy cross-platform solution?

Flutter is good match for you

Benefits of Flutter app development

Fast time-to-market
Apps developed with Flutter for various platforms are based on one code instance, allowing for unifying these processes and making production much faster.
No performance loss
The Flutter team ensures constant 60/120 fps, which allows for even a complex game and web development to be created using Flutter.
Less code, more results
The versions of one app for different platforms are based on one code instance, streamlining app data storage, code review, and bug fixing. One Flutter app development team can replace numerous teams of native devs, resulting in saving costs and resources.
All platforms, one technology
Flutter supports application development for all the most popular platforms: iOS development, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, Web, and Google Fuchsia.
Hot reload
This feature facilitates tracking of all the changes to the code in real-time via an emulator or a connected device that will receive an instant update.
One technology for any solution
Flutter consists of widgets, which makes it very versatile and supports game development using its own graphic engine or implementing Unity 3D widgets. Without frameworks and an immense number of functionalities, it enables to create better digital products for the business.

“Some time ago, choosing Flutter for mobile development was considered
a leap of faith. However, after completing our first commercial project in Flutter,
it became clear that it was utterly worth deciding on this highly beneficial
technology. The Flutter-based solutions demonstrate high performance
and streamline the development process, allowing for a faster time-to-market.”

Eugene Shapovalov
Head of Mobile Development at Innowise Group

Why hire a Flutter developer from Innowise Group?

At a very early stage, our R&D and business analysts are fully immersed in the project to clearly understand core objectives. We aim to ideate an effective and easy application to scale as the business grows.

100%ige Transparenz

Bei der Zusammenarbeit mit uns behalten die Kunden die Kontrolle und sind über die Aktivitäten bis ins Detail informiert. Unser Team nutzt tägliche Berichte, Videoanrufe, E-Mail-Updates usw., um auf alle Anregungen und Bedenken der Beteiligten einzugehen

Dediziertes Team

We allow our clients to get access to a dedicated team of Flutter developers specializing in industry niches together with business analysts, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, DevOps engineers, and project managers.

Vollständige Produktentwicklung

We take care of all aspects of mobile app development while building custom Flutter-based solutions from scratch. Our clients receive guaranteed support throughout the project development cycle and after the solution is released.

Boost your business with a Flutter app by Innowise Group

Reach out to our experts to learn more about our approach

Flutter vs React Native vs Xamarin vs Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM)

Choosing a mobile software development technology can be hard. Our development and business analysis experts will help you choose the best-fitted technology for your project.

FlutterReact NativeXamarinKMM
First emerged2017201520112019
Developed byGoogleFacebookMicrosoftJetBrains
Programming languageDartJavaScript, Swift, Objective-C, JavaC# with .NET environmentJavaScript, Kotlin, Swift
PerformanceHigh-endClose to nativeClose to nativeNative
UIUse proprietary UI widgetsUse native UI controllersUse native UI controllersUse native UI controllers
ToolsAndroid Studio, VSCode, XCodeVSCode, XCodeVisual StudioAndroid Studio, XCode, WebStorm
Number of solution developers needed1112-3

How much does Flutter app development cost?

The cost of the Flutter-based app depends on the number of features or the degree of customization required, the development timeline, and the qualification of the team or company you hire. Other factors that matter:

Komplexität des Projekts
Zusammensetzung des Teams

It’s always a good idea to ask us for a quote so you can compare the different options you have in terms of cost and quality.

Our Flutter software development process

Let's start by analyzing the idea, goals, and requirements while taking into account market specifics, including competitors, niches, and competitive advantages, among others. Our business analysts help you set clear goals and estimate the resources required.
We create a project specification – a detailed document describing the scope of work. We also figure out the plan for developing and implementing your Flutter-powered solution.
Based on the scope of work outlined by the project, we assemble a team of Flutter app developers with a technology stack and experience fit to address the task at hand.
Entwicklung der Lösung
Unter Verwendung des festgelegten Technologie-Stacks beginnen die Software-Ingenieure mit der Entwicklung und arbeiten eng mit den UI/UX-Designern zusammen. Der Projektmanager sorgt dafür, dass das Team regelmäßige Besprechungen mit dem Kunden abhält und Berichte erstellt.
QA und Test
Unsere QS-Ingenieure testen das Produkt in realen Umgebungen und verschiedenen Geräten und schlagen Verbesserungen, Optimierungsmöglichkeiten und Möglichkeiten zur Skalierung vor, um eine fehlerfreie und sichere App zu erstellen.
Support & maintenance
After we have built Flutter apps and delivered them to the stores or the client, the product is elaborated or expanded according to the customer’s feedback and market needs.

We are in tune with our client

Our team ensures a timely, synchronized, and high-quality development process

Verwandte Fälle

Flutter FAQ

The advantages of Flutter are inherent in the programming language and development tools that allow it to overcome challenges that other languages ​​​​can not handle.

  • The unified codebase for all platforms

Flutter’s code reusability allows writing one codebase and using it for mobile Android and iOS as well as web, desktop, and more. This cuts development time and costs and enables you to launch your app faster.

  • Rich libraries

Flutter leverages Skia Graphics Library, a short and mature open-source graphics library. It redraws the UI every time the view changes and enables swift loading time and a smooth user experience.

  • Fast testing with hot reloads

The hot reload feature considerably speeds up application development. With Flutter, there is no need to reload the application to see every change you make to the code. You can easily make changes to your application on the go, so you have more opportunities to experiment with code and fix bugs easily.

Flutter is not just a framework but a software development kit (SDK). The tools needed to create applications are available in the kit and enable rapid development with minimal third-party integration. Dart, the language used in Flutter app development, is more user-friendly than Java or Swift, making it easier for developers to choose. Flutter’s layout is intuitive and straightforward, with each part displayed as a widget. Developing intuitive and rich UI/UX became faster, more accessible, and flexible. Features such as hot reloading, native rendering, built-in plugins, and a single codebase reduce time to market.

When you develop an app using Flutter, it can operate on any platform seamlessly. With one development cycle, you get an application that runs smoothly on multiple platforms and devices with any screen size.

The time it takes to build an app that runs on both iOS and Android using Flutter depends on several factors, including the complexity of the app, the type of requirements, and so on. The app development path has different stages and requires various time frames. The different steps in developing an app using Flutter include ideation, design sprints, development stage, testing, and placement in stores. 

It is almost impossible to predict the development time of an application without knowing the specific requirements. But it’s undeniable that Flutter’s ability to build apps on multiple platforms with a single codebase can save you development time.

Thanks to Dart, a programming language that Flutter uses and which one can easily be assembled into native code, the apps based on Flutter provide its end-users with the performance close native apps allow.

We ensure that our Flutter app developers can smoothly integrate the created Flutter libraries and/or modules into the existing application. Additionally, we can set the module in the way it runs in an existing app based on the Dart logic.

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