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Innowise Group ist ein internationales Unternehmen für den vollen Zyklus der Softwareentwicklung, welches 2007 gegründet wurde. Unser Team besteht aus mehr als 1400 IT-Experten, welche Software für mehrere Branchen und Domänen weltweit entwickeln.
Über uns
Innowise Group ist ein internationales Unternehmen für den vollen Zyklus der Softwareentwicklung, welches 2007 gegründet wurde. Unser Team besteht aus mehr als 1400 IT-Experten, welche Software für mehrere Branchen und Domänen weltweit entwickeln.

Dienstleistungen in Datenbankverwaltung (DBA)

Innowise Group is well aware of the importance of proper data storage for businesses in any industry. Having a well-functioning database administration can drastically increase a company's potential. A properly managed DB can help reduce costs, improve business processes, and make informed decisions. With our services, you can create a solid foundation for data that can be used to grow your business.

Are you looking for solutions to optimize the performance of your business?

Managed database services

Managed database services are a critical part of any business. They allow you
to store and manage your data, making it easy to get the information you need when it matters most.

Take advantage of Innowise Group’s comprehensive DBA services. We have experienced professionals who ensure high security and boost productivity
by upgrading and implementing innovative technologies. Our engineers use progressive and efficient DB management systems, which help achieve the best results. We focus on a personalized approach to delivering our services
to projects and companies of all scales.

Innowise Group covers the full range of services related to DB administration. We provide custom DB management services to help ensure the highest level of performance for your database.

Remote database administration

We provide remote DB administration services to ensure your data is always safe and accessible. With our service, you can avoid costly and time-consuming staff efforts, and maintain your business information efficiently.

24/7 database monitoring

We render DB monitoring services that help organizations keep track of their information systems and stay organized. Our service includes 24/7 support for incident response, data analysis, and document management.

Database migration

With our migration services, you can easily move your records from one system to another. If you want to keep your business running smoothly, we are the perfect choice.

DBA support

We offer support services that help businesses make better decisions by providing access to relevant data. By combining our tools and methods, we help customers explore their business information in a more comprehensive way.

Database replication

Data replication improves performance by copying business information between databases. The replication of data can be useful if you want to share it between databases without having to give each DB an individual access account.

Database upgrades

We provide a range of services to help our clients keep their information up and running. Our team is experts in managing and repairing DBs, so you can rest assured that your information is always safe and sound.

Performance tuning

Our DB performance tuning services optimize information access and retrieval to help organizations improve their systems. We implement the best solutions based on research conducted by our experts.

Database patch management

Our patch management services provide the peace of mind of knowing that your data is always safe. Our services ensure patch applications are seamless and without incident, so you can concentrate on running your business.

Database backup & recovery

We provide backup and recovery services that can help you keep your business running smoothly. With our team of experts in technical support you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

DBA consulting

We provide consulting services to help businesses get the most out of their data. Our team is experienced in a variety of data-related fields, so you can be sure that we will provide the best possible service for your needs.

Building custom databases can be a cost effective way to increase your business’s efficiency and accuracy. With years of experience, we are able to deliver the best possible service and help you get the most out of your data. We provide a variety of tools and services to help you create a successful database solution, including design and development assistance, reporting and analysis services, and more.

Remote DBA experts you can hire

With their expertise and experience, our DB administrators are able to realize their abilities across a variety of business sectors. With fifteen years of project experience, you can count on all fields of DB administration from our specialists.

System DBA specialist

These specialists improve your organization’s efficiency by understanding and managing the underlying systems. Identifying and diagnosing common issues can improve system performance and safeguard data.

Cloud DBA specialist

Innowise Group experts also make full use of technology to migrate DBs to the cloud. Furthermore, our professionals calculate latency and fault tolerance accurately, as well as cost management.

Database architect

In addition to planning and implementing new DBs, our architects create structures for scalability. The specialists are also responsible for manipulating logical data models.

Database analyst

DB administrators from the Innowise Group collect and analyze data and then analyze it. We assist clients with tasks such as finding trends or making informed decisions by analyzing large volumes of information.

Application DBA specialist

Our professionals can work on a wide variety of applications, from the simplest to the most complex. They utilize various features and tools available to make applications run smoother.

Task-oriented DBA specialist

The abundance of data makes processing and analyzing it more challenging. DBA specialists who are task-oriented can assist with this by planning each task and making sure it is completed on time.

Performance analyst

Performance analysts assist organizations with data acquisition, analysis, and reporting. Their role is to help identify and correct any issues with the data before they affect the business.

Data warehouse administrator

Data warehouse administrators manage and administer data warehouses. They also ensure that all necessary access to information is granted in accordance with company policy.

Safely stacked data will be a solid foundation for your business in all directions.

Let’s discuss your challenge.

Benefits of hiring a database admin

Outsourcing DB management can provide benefits such as improved speed, accuracy, and security. By outsourcing DB management, businesses can reduce the amount of time and money they spend on their own DB administration, saving them both in the short-term and long-term. Additionally, outsourcing can help companies improve overall efficiency by freeing up resources for more important tasks.

Budget savings

Our services can dramatically reduce your project support costs since you won't have to search for local DB administrators yourself. You won't have to spend money on hiring, taxes, employee education, and DBMS tools. Our experts have a great background and excel in all the essential tools to maintain databases.

Reduced risks

With their experience in various business areas, our engineers can get to work quickly. Thus, by hiring our professionals, you avoid many risks associated with missed deadlines and non-compliance. In addition, we plan for all scenarios and therefore guarantee quality performance.

Qualified specialists

Any organization that relies on a mass-scale database needs a DB administrator. Having experience managing large databases makes our DB administrators an ideal choice for large organizations with a lot of data. They are capable of mapping data and creating custom reports.

Databases we support

With the right tools, you can keep track of your data and store it securely. Our qualified specialists manage databases using a variety of tools. These tools can be used to troubleshoot, monitor, and manage databases.

  • Oracle
  • MySQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Teradata
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Cassandra
  • Elasticsearch
  • HBase
  • RDS
  • Aurora
  • Cosmos DB
  • Dynamo DB
  • Snowflake
DBA services

DBA services for every industry

If anyone thinks their business doesn’t need to store and manage data, that’s not the case. To keep businesses running smoothly, DBA services are essential. From small businesses to large corporations, there is a DBA service that can help you get the job done right.


Why choose Innowise Group as a data administration company

Innowise Group is a data administration company that helps businesses save time and money by providing easy access to their data. We offer a variety of services, including data mining, data analysis, data storage, and more. Our specialists are also very efficient when it comes to working with clients, always taking care to meet deadlines. We work with 93% of our customers on a recurring basis, and we enjoy successful partnerships with them.

Innowise Group is an excellent choice for businesses who want to stay organized and safe with their data. Our certified DBA specialists can unlock your organization’s potential to attract more clients and make you competitive in your business area.

Many businesses think they don't need database administrators since all data is stored in the cloud, but database administrators help businesses protect and optimize data. Moreover, they help companies streamline workflows and enhance productivity across different industries. As database experts, we have experience with all DBMSs, and can create a new database or optimize an existing one.

Dmitry Nazarevich

CTO bei Innowise Group

Cost of database administration and management

The cost of database administration and management can vary greatly depending on its size, complexity, and features. The final price can also be affected by the amount of data in the database, who will be responsible for maintaining it, and what services will be needed to support the system. Here are the main factors affecting the final cost:

Ökologie Komplexität des Projekts
Ökologie Estimated project duration
Ökologie Teamgröße
Ökologie Zusammensetzung des Teams
Ökologie Entwicklererfahrung
Ökologie Kooperationsmodell

Hire database admins

When compared with hiring a full-time database administrator, outsourcing
is a cost-effective option. Outsource administrators have less overhead and can work on more varied tasks, meaning they can be more effective at managing data. Additionally, outsourced administrators often have higher standards for quality and performance than in-house employees.

You can rely on us to create robust, secure, and scalable ecosystems that meet your business needs

Let’s discuss your requirements

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George Fironov CEO Talmatic

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Ilya Radniany CEO

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Joakim Rosen Leitender Entwickler YouWish AS

Available DBA experts for hire

Serge R.
Senior Datenbank-Administrator 9+ Jahre Erfahrung
Profi mit über 9 Jahren Erfahrung in der Datenbankadministration auf verschiedenen Unix-Betriebssystemen und Windows Server. Schwerpunkte sind die Erstellung neuer Datenbanken, Datenbanküberwachung und Leistungsoptimierung.
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Max K.
Senior Datenbank-Administrator 9+ Jahre Erfahrung
Datenbankadministrator mit über 9 Jahren Erfahrung im Aufbau und der Konfiguration von Datenbankservern auf Unix-Systemen und AWS Cloud, Datenbanküberwachung, Migration, Leistungsoptimierung, Unterstützung von DEV/QA-Umgebungen, SQL-Optimierung und Verschlüsselung.
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Viktor Z.
Senior Datenbank-Administrator 6+ Jahre Erfahrung
Senior Datenbankadministrator mit mehr als 6 Jahren Erfahrung in Datenbankverwaltung und -orchestrierung, Datenmigration, Leistungsoptimierung und etwa 10 Jahren Erfahrung in Systemadministration und Support.
Lebenslauf anfordern
Dmitry C.
Senior Datenbank-Administrator 10+ Jahre Erfahrung
Cloud-Datenbankadministrator mit umfassender Erfahrung bei Design, Erstellung und Wartung von fehlertoleranten Clustern, Datenbankentwicklung und -unterstützung sowie Datenmigration unter Verwendung von Tools wie DTS, BULK_INSERT, BCP.
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Remote database administration: all your questions answered

First, a poor DB can cause your website or application to slow down, and even crash. If you want to run your business efficiently, you need to have the right data in order to make decisions quickly and accurately.

Second, your data is at risk if someone has access to it without your permission. Phishing is a common attack against online businesses that gets users’ personal information.

The data administrator is mainly responsible for transforming data into a functional data model. Also, DA deals with data analysis, data flow monitoring, and filtering relevant data. DB admins are responsible for managing databases and ensuring their security.

The number of DB administrators a business needs depends on its size and type. Small businesses may only need one or two administrators, while large businesses may need dozens or hundreds. A business’s need for DB administrators depends on many factors, including the size and complexity of its data set, the type of database system it uses, and the number of users it needs.

Many people believe that DB management and DB administration are the same task. This is not always the case, as there are different types of databases and different methods of managing them. A DB manager manages and updates databases. They can neither delete nor create a database from scratch. DB administrators, on the other hand, design, update, manage, and delete databases.

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Data Engineering
Innowise Group nutzt intelligente Technologien für Datenpipelines und Systeme zur Datenerfassung.
Wir ermöglichen eine klare Kommunikation komplexer Big Data und zeigen auf, welche Maßnahmen ergriffen werden müssen.
Big Data
Innowise Group entwickelt Lösungen, die Big-Data-Arrays verarbeiten können und wertvolle Erkenntnisse liefern.
Wir entwickeln Cloud-basierte Apps, transferieren Client-Server-Software in die Cloud und verbessern Cloud-Anwendungen.
Wir setzen bewährte DevOps-Praktiken ein, um den Entwicklungsprozess zu optimieren und die Veröffentlichung zu beschleunigen.

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