Webportal für eine Schaden- und Unfallversicherungs­gesellschaft

A portal for insurance company clients which allows users to prepare all necessary documents online.


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Our customer is a large USA-based company with over 4000 employees on board. They specialize in Property and casualty (P&C) insurance services.

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The majority of insurance companies already have websites. While they provide customers with relevant information, they only serve as information tools. However, if the portal is enhanced with the necessary functionality, it can be a very useful tool for processing transactions and claims in a timely fashion.

While some companies rely on outdated business models hoping to stay afloat, others manage to thrive through automation and digitization of their services. Given that many insurance companies are still busy with paperwork, digitization of insurance management workflow can provide your services to customers round the clock.

Our customer had an idea of building an advanced client web portal to manage insurance policies while ensuring maximum security. The client’s digital transformation strategy was aimed at modernizing and simplifying processes across every element of the policy issuance and service. The web solution was supposed to cover the entire insurance process from drawing insurance contracts to handling insurance events.


Innowise Group’s engineering team has developed a software solution dedicated to streamlining insurance operations and simplifying the way policyholders get insurance services, such as client and claims management, and much more.

Webportal für eine Schaden- und Unfallversicherungs­gesellschaft

Our team developed the system from scratch, integrating the customer’s existing database of insurance and accident reports. Given that the platform is a B2C platform, the team investigated the business area, coordinated with the company’s stakeholders, and created an innovative architecture.

XML, csv files are generated daily with current information about clients, insured machines for the customer’s SFTP server.

The web portal we’ve built provides a seamless, responsive experience for its customers:

  • real-time structuring and modification of customer data;
  • on-the-go insurance requests;
  • streamlined customer communication;
  • secure storage and management ensure no data loss.

All data about prospect and client policies, the history of their claims, and anything else that agents need would be stored in the insurance agent app.

Webportal für eine Schaden- und Unfallversicherungs­gesellschaft

To provide customers with instant help, the company’s staff members receive emails informing them of new clients and reports that have been registered.

Once registered on the site, clients can get vehicle insurance online and purchase additional services after filling out all the required information. If an insured event occurs, the car owner can find out the amount of payments via the portal after creating a damage report and uploading photos.

Users receive emails confirming the completion of their registration and the input of all required data. After completing registration, the user receives an email containing a pdf file that contains details on the insurance policy.

As a result of our team’s efforts, the website has been made as user-friendly and effective as possible, as well as supported by all Internet browsers. We made the project fast for users by using optimized requests and the right architecture.


.NET Core 3.1, .NET 5, Web API, Raven DB, Firebird DB, Entity Framework, Dapper, SignalR, RabbitMQ, Serilog, Azure, StyleCop
XUnit, Moq


We started working with the customer in 2019, and after several months of fruitful work, we were ready to provide the turnkey solution.

Thanks to cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies which include mandatory authentication and various administrative roles inside the system, our team has guaranteed a high level of security of the insurance management system, including payment and contract renewal procedures.

To ensure seamless user experience, our experts integrated the client’s UX vision into a fully-functioning insurance workflow automation solution, enhanced its performance, and fixed all the user-side problems.


React Developers
.NET Developers
Full Stack Developer
DevOps Engineer


The web portal for the insurance company automates 80% of the work done by the agent. Firstly, it reduces the probability of errors (as a rule, algorithms are more effective and less error-prone than humans). Secondly, this expedites the entire process – from researching the insured event to making payments. Thirdly, it offers the chance to stay in contact with a client at all times.

Looking back to reflect on the results of several months of work, we can conclude that we have created a really efficient tool for the automation of insurance claims in the P&C insurance industry.

The Innowise Group team smoothly integrated their profound technology background with the vision of the client’s team and created a robust web platform capable of efficiently and consistently producing business value through technology. As a result, our team has succeeded in achieving the ambitious goal of substantially decreasing the amount of manual work and turnaround time required to process each application.

By eliminating all human interaction from the customer claims handling process, we have helped our client to modernize their customer service and meet the highest client demands, while ensuring the security of customer data. There was a significant reduction in human touch at every stage of the application.

  • 2019 - Ongoing
  • Das Projekt ist noch nicht abgeschlossen, momentan leisten wir Support für die Plattform und implementieren neue Funktionen.

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