VR-Trainings-App für ein Produktionsunternehmen

Virtual reality training solution for a manufacturing company that recreates production environments and simulates routine tasks


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Our customer is a large European manufacturing company with over 5,000 employees on board and over 20 production facilities and repair service centers around the European Union.

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Our client planned to launch a staff extension programme, according to which some production and repair departments were supposed to grow by 20-30%. To ensure smooth and efficient adoption of the new hires, the client needed to set up an innovative and brand new training process. Thus, they decided on a state-of-the-art digital solution that could pay off investments quickly.

Innowise Group offered to develop and implement an immersive virtual reality application. The app was to allow workers to learn how to operate the manufacturing devices unstoppably and without putting their own health and equipment at risk. The VR training app was supposed to ensure uninterrupted theoretical and practical training sessions for dozens of trainees at the same time.

The client delegated the project to Innowise Group, as our company has large experience in building Extended Reality (XR) solutions.


Innowise Group has created an interactive VR training application for employees of a large European manufacturing company. The virtual reality solution provides users with immersive experiences and enables them to get theoretical and practical knowledge in single-user mode.

The VR application consists of theoretical and practical training sessions. The theoretical one displays a responsive presentation with visualized manuals and interactive tours around manufacturing facilities. After completing the theoretical course, trainees pass a virtual exam. The session also fulfills an onboarding mission for new hires: they get acquainted with the corporate culture, top management, and company’s history in virtual reality mode.

The practical mode is dedicated to providing hands-on experience in virtual reality. The VR application replicates real facilities and production equipment and imitates manufacturing environment interaction. With head-mounted displays and motion controllers, trainees can practice their theoretical knowledge and learn specifics of manufacturing equipment and processes. Our IT specialists have recreated the required pieces of equipment and implemented interactive elements and response actions to make the training process highly interactive and immersive.

The VR application simulates possible emergency situations and provides a clear algorithm for how to respond to them. Thus, trainees can upgrade their skills in life- or equipment-risk situations and thus improve their confidence.

  • High-quality graphics
  • Photorealistic environment details
  • Emergency scenarios
  • Theoretical and practical training modes
  • Custom 3D models

The VR training application has photorealistic production environment details. Each digital item and interactive element is presented in a natural context.


Unity, C#
Autodesk 3DS Max, Autodesk Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, 3D-Coat, Marvelous Designer
Meta Quest 2 headset, Meta Quest 2 controllers


Before the start of the project, representatives of our team have made an onsite visit to one of the client’s facilities. We learned more about the manufacturing process and surveyed the space and equipment to be able to recreate them in virtual reality. During the visit, we also conducted several meetings and Q&A sessions with heads of departments.

To organize workflows on the project, we have chosen Scrum with two-week sprints as the software development life-cycle methodology. The communication and task tracking tools included Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Jira. As for hardware, we recommended Meta Quest 2 headset and controllers as they ensured a seamless and smooth virtual experience.

Using actual pictures and blueprints, our IT specialists have recreated the required manufacturing facilities together with production & repair equipment as an immersive VR environment with its interactive elements based on low-poly 3D models.




The client has obtained a highly-immersive and interactive VR training application that turned out to be a cost-effective alternative to the standard training process. The company went through the expansion process smoothly and saved significant resources. The solution allowed for more efficient training sessions: the minimum number of mentors, no equipment distraction from the working process, and better knowledge retention. The trainees have also shown a high level of engagement and confidence thanks to the technologies used.

  • 12 weeks

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