Street graffiti art mobile game

A third-person smartphone game on the street graffiti art theme for iOS and Android based on the Unity engine


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Our client specializes in the development of mobile games for Android - als auch für iOS in various genres. The company has been in the industry for more than 6 years.

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Our client decided to create a free-to-play mobile game related to Western street culture and art. They agreed to collaborate with a European premium streetwear brand and a famous fashion designer to do some product placement and increase the game awareness. As for the setting, they selected a modern Western metropolis. The main character is a graffiti artist who looks like a famous fashion designer.

The client chose to partner with Innowise Group to complete the project due to the fact that our company has extensive expertise in developing Unity-based mobile games. We have combined our resources and knowledge with the client to design a third-person mobile gaming application. Our common goal was to astonish gamers by merging elements of different genres.

Street graffiti mobile game


In cooperation with the customer’s team, Innowise Group developed a free-to-play street graffiti smartphone game for iOS and Android. The game has certain product placement elements and сombines the features of various genres.

Street graffiti mobile game

We have developed a third-person game that puts a player in the skin of a street graffiti artist. The character’s main goal is to explore the city, draw some graffiti, and avoid the police. In the game, the police officers are “non-sudden death” enemies, which means players can run away from police cars when spotted. However, if they are caught, the game is over. Players are supposed to use both thumbs to control character movement, paint graffiti pieces, and jump.

The game allows players to:

  • Run, jump, climb, and fly to explore the city
  • Paint graffiti pieces on the walls
  • Run from the police when spotted
  • Select the outfit
  • Score game points
  • Сomplete challenges
  • Advance by rating and become the graffiti king

The mobile game takes players on the city exploration and street graffiti quests. We have also implemented a unique modern city style and diverse choice of streetwear outfits. Our characters wear digital copies of real pieces of street clothing of the partnered brand. The contemporary street art and police escaping themes throughout the game add dynamics and “chaotic” fun.


Unity, C#
JavaScript, JQuery


As for software development life cycle methodology, we have chosen Kanban. The team members and the stakeholders communicated via Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. Jira was used as a task management tool.

Our development team has opted for Unity, as it is a convenient cross-platform technology allowing for relatively fast development of mobile games for iOS and Android platforms. Our 3D designers have created all the models from scratch. As part of the monetization model, we have implemented in-app purchases. Within the game, users can buy pieces of digital streetwear clothing and character skills. There is also a no-advertisement option in place.

After the MVP release, our mobile development team has continued to work on the game updates and added the following new multiplayer features:

  • Refactoring
  • Matchmaking
  • Registration options
  • NFTs
  • Character customization
  • Battle royal mode
  • UI/UX upgrade
Street graffiti mobile game




Innowise Group has developed the street graffiti art mobile game for iOS and Android from scratch. As evidenced by the high ratings: 4.2 on Google Play and 4.0 on Apple Store, the game has been highly rated by the players. Based on the users’ feedback, the game is a refreshing way to have fun and be in touch with modern street art and streetwear fashion. Some players have been amazed by the fact that one of the main characters was based on a famous fashion designer and influencer.

To acquire more users and enhance the gaming experience, we are constantly working on improvements, in particular on adding new multiplayer features and monetization options.

  • 2021 - Ongoing
  • The project is still ongoing. At this stage, we support the game and implement new features.

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