Innowise Group is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1000+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
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Innowise Group is an international full-cycle software development company founded in 2007. We are a team of 1000+ IT professionals developing software for other professionals worldwide.
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UI/UX design and development for NFT marketplace platforms

We designed white-label NFT marketplace as well as customized user interfaces for digital art, avatar, fashion,  football and car NFT marketplaces.


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The client delivers customized blockchain solutions that help them grow revenue via monetizing their digital identity with NFTs. Also, the client provides companies worldwide with wide possibilities of using blockchain, smart contracts, NFTs and other tools to streamline their business processes and bring new opportunities for growth.


Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have become extremely popular among brands as another way to gain recognition and revenue from customers. These tokens prove the authenticity and uniqueness of specific products, making them valuable to collectors and those who want to own exclusively authentic products from their favorite brands.

To simplify introducing NFT tokens to the brand markets and make purchasing these tokens more straightforward and more flexible for users, the client came up with the idea to create a specialized white-label trading solution.


Innowise Group has helped the client to design and develop a white-label NFT marketplace from scratch, as well as supported further customization of the platform for other business areas. The solutions have similar functionality but unique design systems and technical features that our team has successfully implemented.

White-label NFT marketplace development
We created a versatile white-label NFT marketplace platform that allows businesses, brands, artists, and other digital content makers to open their NFT marketplaces and sell NFTs. Our team built web and mobile apps that enable fast and secure purchases and auctions of NFTs.
UI design customization of NFT marketplaces
Innowise Design Studio dived deep into each business case to customize the solution according to industry specifics. We stylized the UI design of the NFT marketplace under the required themes to make it fit the target audience lifestyle and NFT assets to be presented on the platform.
NFT marketplaces maintenance and support
Since some customers required additional functionality of their NFT marketplaces, Innowise Group helped to implement new features. For example, fashion NFT marketplace enables adding items into wish lists, while art NFT marketplace allows users to create personalized collections.
NFT marketplace
The white-label NFT engagement platform we developed can be used as a template for other customized NFT marketplaces. Thus, brands use it to rapidly launch their own NFT marketplaces for creating branded NFT items and putting them on sale. The application’s design allows for comfortable usage of the app for users with any level of experience, which makes the service available to a wide audience.
Fashion NFT marketplace
Our team designed a tailored NFT marketplace for a popular fashion brand to support the launch of their new collection. Besides UI design that matches totally the brand style, our team created 3D photogrammetry models of apparel and animated some items to build a “wow” experience for customers, increase user engagement and kick-start the word of mouth.
Digital art NFT marketplace
Before cryptocurrency, we never owned entirely digital. There was no way to overwhelm digital files or artwork. NFTs have changed that, allowing creators to rent out digital artwork, sell it, or display it however they see fit. Our team developed a universal platform for digital artwork NFT marketplaces from the ground up. It is supposed to be a more affordable and faster way for designers to sell their artworks and be rewarded.
NFT packs marketplace
We have built a fully customized NFT packs marketplace. The platform is designed to manage and trade thematic NFT collections, including digital cards, packages, 360-degree videos, etc. The primary aim here is to allow marketplace visitors to bundle non-fungible tokens together and sold them as a group at once.
Car NFT marketplace
This platform is designed for the automotive industry as well as car and motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. Our creative design team has considered the client’s wish and stylized the marketplace design under the automotive theme to match the NFTs purchased on the platform.

Marketplace features

Each NFT marketplace produced by our team has an up-scale feature set to ensure a stable, safe, transparent, and straightforward user experience. The solutions’ functionality solely reflects the client’s vision, our expertise-based recommendations, and the latest market trends.

Design system

Our Innowise Design Studio has crafted unique design systems for all custom NFT marketplaces, based on the themes and characteristics of each platform. Keeping up with recent design trends, we focused on reaching harmony between all design elements.


The NFT marketplaces we have developed allow individual and business users to create, sell, auction, and purchase NFT assets. We have helped our clients bring their project ideas to life by taking care of user interface design, mobile and web development, and software maintenance.

For all NFT trading platforms, our team has created unique design systems that reflect the specifics and philosophy of the platforms being developed. We paid great attention to ensuring a seamless combination of various design elements and adhered to the most modern design approaches.

Custom NFT marketplaces with unique design systems
End-to-end web and mobile development in a short time

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