Innowise participates in building the Motorverse

A bit about the Web

The Web has been constantly evolving since 1983 when ARPANET adopted the TCP/IP protocol. Even today, the web is constantly gaining new features. We have already moved from static web pages to more interactive ones. At present, we gradually pass from mouse and keyboard interactions to more immersive ways of utilizing the Web with the help of our bodies.

This new round of digital surroundings’ evolution was named Web 3.0 shortly after Ethereum was launched in 2014. Leading experts in the tech field believe that the new model of user interaction with the digital surroundings will soon replace common ways of communication. Most likely, we will move at some point from texting our friends and relatives to having live chats through AR/XR devices and participating in virtual reality events.

This brand new world of Web 3.0 is supported by an array of technologies like VR/AR/XR and blockchain, and has already gained an astonishingly big group of enthusiasts from all over the world. The Web 3.0 market size has reached USD 3.2 Billion in 2021 and is predicted to reach USD 81.5 Billion by 2030. Such predictions are supported by the Metaverse and Web 3.0 projects like Decentraland or The Sandbox that drag overwhelming attention and investments.

Innowise + Torque Squad

As one of the leading software development companies, Innowise Group keeps an eye on the latest trends in technology to help our clients gain a formidable advantage on the market. Not only do our software engineers regularly improve their skills in more traditional software development like frontend and backend solutions but also grow as Web 3.0 developers.

We have already gained an extensive amount of expertise that allows us to cover versatile Web 3.0 development tasks.  Our professionals can do anything from building software architecture and logic from scratch to polishing it with beautiful user interfaces and astonishing virtual assets to be used in the Metaverse.

Recently our hard work has been recognized by one of the leaders in Metaverse experience development, Animoca Brands. After that, we have started cooperation with the Torque Squad, a chapter of the Motorverse.

The main goal of our partnership was to create a community of moto fans united through owning exclusive theme-based native NFTs which represent unique motorcycle riders. The NFT collection consists of 8,888 riders’ avatars, each having their own traits.

The Torque Squad Team has purchased a 3×3 piece of land in Sandbox for their squad members to gather and participate in activities. From our side, we bring the avatars from the NFT collection to life by designing sandbox-compatible voxel playable avatars so that squad members can relate themselves to the riders they own. Innowise Group’s 3D designers work with VoxEdit to accomplish this task.

Future plans and benefits

Apart from that, our team is working on the surroundings by transferring one famous race track into a piece of land. Afterwards, we plan to cooperate with Torque Squad in terms of game experiences development. For these purposes, we will use the platform’s native Game Maker tool along with the assets created in VoxEditor.

Moreover, Innowise Group’s design team has developed an array of assets to be used in the visual products during events. They will also promote the Web 3.0 motorsport and show guests how the technological advancements can be utilized to create experiences of a brand new level of immersiveness.

All in all, working with Torque Squad is an exciting experience. The path from creating renders in Blender to turning them into voxelized interactive assets is a fun and exciting challenge. The trust form Animoca Brands has shown that we have gained enough experience to push the enthusiastic community forward and the results of our work shows that we can do even more.

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